Wednesday, March 23, 2016

CD Review: Tons Of New Heavy Metal Music Arriving This April

April is quickly approaching and so are a boatload of new heavy metal albums. Beginning on April 1st, "April Fool's Day," we get the new album from the Copenhagen quartet Piss Vortex with their latest six-song EP titled "Future Cancer." Their songs are delivered with a fast-paced, hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners approach as the hardcore metal of "Failing The Voight-Kampff Test" and "Patterns Of Repetition" will bash in your eardrums until you beg for mercy. Also arriving on April 1st is the sophomore release titled "Stella Porta" from the Pennsylvania trio, Bardus. Their new seven-song album gathers its influences from band like The Melvins and Queens Of The Stone Age as the music is raw and hardcore with screaming vocals is in "Monolith." They slow the tempo down for the dark overtones of "Transcendence," before displaying their power with the hardcore metal appeal of "Oracle." Another April 1st release is from Detroit's punk/metal band Child Bite. Their new album titled "Negative Noise" will be the band's fourth as their music is quoted as "spazzy art rock." The new eleven-song release takes a page from the early days of Red Hot Chili Peppers with its chaotic punk sound as in the opener "Death Before Dementia." They keep the energy flowing with the hardcore punk of "Born A Hog," before settling into a more heavy metal riff with "Apex Of Anxiety." The band's underground following should be pleased with this latest release from Child Bite.
The New Keepers Of The Water Towers are also preparing to release their new album "Infernal Machine" on April 1st. Their new seven-song release is filled to the brim with epic pieces of music, beginning with the pounding rhythm of "The Forever War." They expand their sound with the baroque feel of "Tachyon Deep," before returning to the atmospheric sounds of "Escape Aleph Minor" and the progressive metal of "This Internal Machine." Another April 1st release is the full-length, debut album from Graves At Sea titled "The Curse That Is." Their new album release will be followed by a month-long tour of the U.S. The new eight-song album begins with the back-to-back, 11-minute openers, "The Curse That Is" and "Dead Eyes" as the band look to take you on a progressive metal journey. They slow down for the dark, doom-metal ballad "The Ashes Mad Her Beautiful" and close the album with the 14-minute "Minimum Slave" that simply burns into your memory with the song's consistent rhythm. Also arriving on this date is the rare split LP from underground metal acts Oryx and Languish. The new thirteen song album begins with a trio of songs from the grindcore metal band Oryx as their music slowly seeps into your mind. Then Languish takes over with ten songs of quick, fast-paced hardcore metal that will get your adrenaline pumping.
Moving up a week to April 8th is the sophomore effort from New York technical metal band Geryon titled "The Wound And The Bow." Their new seven-song release begins with the marching rhythms of "Silent Command," before blowing up with the thunderous sound of "Dawn." They mix tempos of "The Wound And The Bow," before closing with nine-minutes of intense metal music. We also get the latest release titled "Ephemeral" from California technical death metal band Inherit Disease. It features a blast of eleven neck-breaking tracks that combine the precise drumming with growling vocals and buzzing guitar riffs. Songs like "Mutant 2.0" and "Synaptic Reanimation" will make your ears bleed with delight as you crawl deeper into their death metal music. Also on April 8th is the new concept album from Cult Of Luna & Julie Chtristmas titled "Mariner." It features five epic pieces of music that showcase the band's talent for executing precise musicianship, highlighted by the vocals of Julie Christmas. The hardcore opener "A Greater Call" combines all these prog-metal elements perfectly to create an amazing piece of music. Julie's vocals take over the ten-minute story of "The Wreck Of The S.S. Needle," before taking you on an adventure with "Cygnus."
Hitting the stands in mid-April are a boatload of even more new releases, including the double-album "Pretending 2 Run" from Detroit's premier progressive-metal band Tiles. This new release is loaded with 21 songs that range from the Styx-like opener "Pretending To Run," the excellent musicianship of "Voir Dire" and the classic Deep Purple feel of "Taken By Surprise" and that's only the first disc. They have a classic rock appeal with a modern sound that easily captures your attention as with the harder appeal of "Weightlessness" and "The Disappearing Floor." Also arriving that same day is the new release from the German extreme metal duo Manta titled "Ode To The Flame." It is the band's worldwide debut album and features ten hard-hitting metal numbers that look to bash in your skull with its intense music delivery. They are following the release of their new album with a three-month tour of Europe, which includes a handful of festivals like Desertfest and Hellfest.
Also arriving on April 15th is the new release from Swiss death metal band Omophagia with their album "In The Name Of Chaos." Their new 11-song release blows you away with the shear force of the opening track "Willing Whore" as the machine-gun drumming and buzzing guitars look to overtake your senses like in "Until The Sky Turns Red." To go along with that release is the new arrival from Los Angeles death metal band The Zenith Passage with their full-length debut titled "Solipsist." It contains ten, head-splitting tracks that just crushes the competition with its speed and aggression. Songs like "Simulated Reality" and "The Dissension Consensus" showcase the amazing talent within this new band. Another new arrival is from long-time Stockholm hardcore metal band Victims with their new album "Sirens." The album has twelve new hard-hitting anthems that will have you begging for more. Two-minutes is all that is needed in the opener "Walls" as you shout along to the chorus. With only a few songs surpassing the three-minute mark, you will be hitting repeat on this album as soon as the last notes of "Ashes" are done ringing in your ears. The other release on April 15th comes from the old-school death metal band Necrot with their latest full-length album, "The Labyrinth." It features eight songs taken from the band's long out-of-print demo tapes. Mastered By Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, these songs sound amazing as they look to crush your skull with tracks like "Consume Control" and "The End." Lastly we get the latest from New York psychedelic rockers The Golden Grass titled "Coming Back Again." Their new album features six, bluesy rock jams that hark-back to the days of early heavy metal, when bands like Cream and Deep Purple were laying down the foundation for this genre of music. To find out more about all these bands and some others, please visit

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