Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CD Review: B-Movie Brings On A "Climate Of Fear" And Genre Peak Start Up Their "Engine"

New Wave British band, B-Movie took over the club scene with their 1982 hit single "Nowhere Girl." They followed with that with their debut album "Forever Running," which failed to make the same statement as their hit single. B-Movie broke up shortly after their tour to support the album. They reunited to record their comeback album "The Age Of Illusion," which spawned a successful tour. Their latest album "Climate Of Fear" features ten new tracks that remind us of how good B-Movie was in their heyday. Beginning with "Another False Dawn," their new music showcases all of their individual experiences since breaking up in the mid-eighties. They rework Scott McKenzie's sixties anthem "San Francisco" into a keyboard-heavy, corporate-driven song about money, before picking the tempo up with the modern, post-punk appeal of "Corridors." They showcase their classic eighties pop sound with "Climate Of Fear," before going dark with the rhythmic synthesizer of "Feeling Gothic." The new album closes with four brand-new remixes of their hit single "Nowhere Girl." To find out more about B-Movie and their latest album "Climate Of Fear," please visit their Facebook page at

U.K. songwriter/vocalist Martin Birke recently released his latest collaboration under the moniker Genre Peak. The new album titled "Your Sleekest Engine" features his work alongside Steve Jansen (Japan/David Sylvian), Jon Hassell (Brian Eno/Peter Gabriel), Richard Barbieri (Japan/Porcupine Tree) and Matt Malley (Counting Crows). The new nine-song release begins with the atmospheric, prog-rock feel of "Nightfalls" with lyrics and vocals by Lesley Braden. Birke incorporates a dance beat into "Denzen Darklight," before slowing the tempo down for the spacey, soundscape of "Metanoa." Birke plays around with the rhythms of "American Civil Rage," before the pounding of "Fix Me Deeper," featuring spoken word vocals from Manal Deeb. The album closes with the addictive, electronic pop beats of "The Waiting Station" as Charlie Woodward (Falco) delivers the vocals. To find out more about Genre Peak and his lastest release "Your Sleekest Engine," please visit

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