Monday, April 11, 2016

CD Review: Cleopatra Records Releases Two New Classic Rock Albums

Cleopatra Records recently released a live solo show from classic rock singer, Joe Lynn Turner titled "Streets Of Dreams - Boston 1985." Joe Lynn Turner was known as the iconic front man for late-seventies/early-eighties hard rock band Rainbow and for a brief time Deep Purple in the nineties. This newly released live album features Joe Lynn Turner on tour following his debut solo album "Rescue You."

The new thirteen-song release begins with the newly written "I Found Love," which would not appear on a Joe Lynn Turner studio album for another fifteen years. He dives right into his current solo album at the time with "Losing You," which is the perfect setting for Turner's vocals, among a hard driving keyboard backdrop. He keeps the vibe of the eighties flowing with the build-up of "Soul Searcher" as guitarist Bobby Messano peels off an electrifying solo. Turner performs seven of the eleven tracks from his solo album during this show, leaving room for a couple of Rainbow covers, "Stone Cold" and "Street Of Dreams." The show closes with a hard rock/funk cover of Buddy Miles "Them Changes." Joe Lynn Turner is currently on tour in South America, before returning to Europe in July. To find out more about this newly released show from 1985, please visit 

Rock drummer Carmine Appice has been very busy over the course of only the last five years. He reunited with his mid-eighties hard rock band King Kobra for two new studio albums, performed on the latest releases from Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock and Rated X and also joined his brother for a tour titled "Drum Wars" which created the live album of the same name. His latest release includes his collaboration with fellow rock keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Pat Travers over a decade ago. Deadline Music will be re-issuing their 2004 album "It Takes A Lot Of Balls" as simply "The Balls Album" and it contains two newly recorded bonus tracks.

The original twelve song release begins with the hard-edged blues rock of "Taken" as Travers is let loose on the guitar. They keep the energy going with "Better From A Distance" as their collaboration on this album is the perfect match of hard rock talents. The duo get deeper into the southern blues of "Escape The Fire," before roaring back with the rhythm-fueled "Rock Me." Carmine's drums begin "Remind Me To Forget You" as Travers invites himself to take over the song with his blazing guitar riffs and stellar vocals. Appice and Travers get a little funky with the island groove of "I Can't Let You Go" and finish the original album with misdirected rap of "Gotta Have Ya." The two bonus tracks features the slow burn of "Tonite" and bluesy cover of Berry White's "Never Gonna Give You Up." To find out more about this new re-issue from Pat Travers and Carmine Appice, please visit

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