Friday, April 1, 2016

CD Review: Fractal Mirror Return With "Slow Burn" & Spain Revisits Their Roots In "Carolina"

From The Netherlands comes the third full-length release titled "Slow Burn 1," from the progressive-rock/pop band Fractal Mirror. Their previous album "Garden of Ghosts" received enormous praise and they look to grow their fanbasae with this new concept album. The eleven-song release begins with a short "Prelude," which leads into the modern-day, synth-fueled Genesis feel of "Miracle." The gentle acoustics of "Floods" and the soft touch of "Numbers," showcases the diversity in their songwriting as "Enemies" displays a darker edge to the song's melodic tone. You can't help but feel uplifted by the Pink Floydian-feel of "Embers," before finishing up with the steady rhythm of "Artifacts" and the eight-minute epic of "Universal." To find out more about Fractal Mirror and their latest release "Slow Burn 1," please visit

American rock band Spain returns with their sixth studio album titled "Carolina." The band's roots date back to the early nineties as they developed a cult following, touring across the U.S. and Europe. Their song "Spiritual" was even covered by the late-great Johnny Cash for his Grammy-winning album "Unchained." Their new ten-song release begins with the dark tones of "Tennessee" as the storied lyrics are like a history lesson highlighted with some sweet slide guitar. The slow-movement of "The Depression" and the quiet, gentleness of "Apologies" wraps around you like a warm blanket as you let go of all worries. The lyrics of "One Last Look" and "Battle Of Saratoga" bring up the past as Spain spins the tales in a thoughtful, caring way. The album finishes up with the chants of "For You" and Americana tone of regrets of "Station 2." To find out more about Spain and their latest release "Carolina," please visit

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