Saturday, April 2, 2016

CD Review: Frank Zappa Discovery Get Proper Release With "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer"

From UK record label, Gonzo Multimedia, comes the new 2CD release "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer." It features the long out-of-print album from diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic Larry Fischer. He was institutionalized at the age of 16, escaped from the metal hospital and wandered the streets of Los Angeles as a street musician. He was discovered by Frank Zappa and invited to record a solo album with Zappa and the Mother Of Inventions lending some musical accompaniment to his poetry.

This new two-disc set is broken up into four parts. The first and second parts, which makes up the first disc, are titled "The Basic Fischer" and "Larry's Songs." It is basically a live recording of Fischer in the recording studio, singing whatever comes to mind as he discusses his songs with whoever is in the studio with him at the time. Beginning with "Merry-Go-Round," you instantly get sucked in to its simple arraignment as you can't help find yourself singing along. Weird Al named the song one of his top five songs to "Scare The Neighbors." He spurts off poetry as quickly as it enters his mind, without any form or style. It is almost like walking around in his mind, as Fischer is your tour guide to his thoughts. While the tracks are numbered, you will need to listen to this album as a complete piece of art, in order to appreciate what is being accomplished with this recording.

The second disc features the third and fourth parts of this set titled "Some Historical Notes" and "In Conclusion." Beginning with "The Taster," you get a sense of what Zappa was able to add to Fischer's words as he and the Mothers add some music to his poetry in order to make a more complete song. The rest of the third part is made up of Fischer singing acapella, then explaining the ideas behind the songs. The second half of the disc includes the highlights of "Larry & His Guitar," which features Fischer playing any random thought and "Circle," which also includes Frank Zappa supplying all of music on this song. To find out more about the new release of "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer," please visit

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