Saturday, April 9, 2016

CD Review: Jimbo Mathus Assembles A "Band Of Storms" And The Malawi Mouse Boys Discover North America

American singer/songwriter Jimbo Mathus has been producing a new studio album every year, for the past six years and his latest, "Band Of Storms" may be his most exciting one to date. The new nine-song album begins with the big, bluesy guitar rock of "Gringo Man," which has a seventies throw-back vibe. He brings together a sweet southern soul groove for "Can't Get Much Higher" and showcases his Johnny Cash imitation with "Let's Play With Fire," before blasting away your worries with the punk-like fury of "Massive Confusion." The short 23-minute album finishes with the slow, swampy blues of "Slow Down Sun" and the stripped-down, Americana feel of "Catahoula." To find out more about Jimbo Mathus and his latest release "Band Of Storms," please visit his Facebook page at

African vocal group the Malawi Mouse Boys will see their first North American release on April 8th as their latest album "Forever Is 4 You" will be released through Omnivore Recordings. The Malawi Mouse Boys will be the first artist ever to release an album internationally in the Chichewa language. The new fifteen-song album begins with the quick, 70-second prayer for "Chisomo (Grace)." The simplicity of the instruments allows you to put your focus on their voices as they tell their stories as in "Ndatopa Nawe (I'm Tired Of You)" and showcase their amazing harmonies as in the acapella piece "Yesu Ndinkhulupirira (I Believe Jesus)." They pick up the energy with the quicker tempo of "Ian, A Blessing" and "Mau A Mulungu (The Ways Of God)." While you may not understand the language, you can appreciate the simplicity of their performances and understand the emotion behind the music and vocals. The album finishes with the starkness of "Umasiye Wanga (My Loneliness)" and the sing-along prayer of "Ambuye Kozeni (He Made Me)." To find out more about the Malawi Mouse Boys and their latest release "Forever Is 4 You," please visit

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