Sunday, April 10, 2016

DVD Review: Judas Priest Let Out Their "Battle Cry" With New Live Video

The legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest recently released a brand new live album titled "Battle Cry." It came out on CD, DVD and Blu-ray and was recorded at the 2015 Wacken Festival in Germany. Judas Priest easily ranks as one of the best live acts of all time and this video proves that after four decades, they can still gets 85,000 metal fans to follow their every word.

The 17-song set begins with a pair of new songs, "Battle Cry" and "Dragonaut" as guitarist Richie Faulkner asserts himself center stage with his electrifying guitar playing. Lead singer Rob Halford gets warmed up with the screams of "Devil's Child" as he works both sides of the stage. When the camera does a sweep of the audience, you can appreciate the size of the crowd as Halford and the band can hardly be seen from a distance. When guitarists Richie Faulkner and Glenn Tipton work together, as in "Victim Of Change" they are one of the best guitar duos in the heavy metal genre.

Judas Priest are promoting their latest studio album "Redeemer Of Souls" with songs like "Halls Of Valhalla" and the title song that have developed into quite a stage show over the course of the tour. The crowd really gets into the hits like "Turbo Lover" and "Breaking The Law" as they sing the chorus back to the band. An iconic concert moment is when Halford rides out on his motorcycle and lifts the energy of the show for "Hell Bent For Leather" and "You've Got Another Thing Coming." The crowd shouts for "Painkiller" as drummer Scott Travis bashes out the song's intro as Halford seems to strain to hit the high notes. The night closes with everyone singing along to "Living After Midnight" as Judas Priest receive a roaring applause from the fans at Wacken.

The video includes three bonus performances of "Screaming For Vengeance," "The Rage" and "Desert Plains" recorded live in Poland on one of the last dates of their world tour. The camera angles in these bonus tracks are very interesting and up close, which gives you a sense that the band is performing right to you. To find out more about Judas Priest and their latest live release "Battle Cry," please visit

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