Monday, May 9, 2016

CD Review: Air Traffic Controller Discover The "Black Box" And LTTRS "Roam" The DC Universe

From Boston comes the third release titled "Black Box" from the alternative pop band, Air Traffic Controller (ATC). They have been featured on NPR's "Hot 100" list and performed at Billboard's "Hot 100" festival. They recently won the New England Music Award for best video for their song "The House" and their new album is receiving rave reviews. The new twelve-song release begins with with the clap-stomp rhythmic, pop beats of "People Watching" as singer/songwriter Dave Maunro takes the lead vocals. Fellow singer/songwriter Casey Sullivan showcases her vocal talents on the insanely addictive alt-pop of "Phantom." ATC bring all the elements of rock and pop together perfectly for "The House," while "What You Do To My Soul" brings out the band's early folk vibes. The duo of Maunro and Sullivan duet on the uptempo, Amercana-pop of "Water Falls," before things slow down for the acoustic folk of "Island." To find out more about Air Traffic Controller and their latest release "Black Box, please visit

From deep in the northwest comes the sophomore album from LTTRS titled "Worlds We Roam." It features ten tracks (plus two hidden tracks) that deals around the concept of DC comics characters. Beginning with "Man Of Tomorrow," this hard rock/grunge tune refers to Vandal Savage, while the alternative rock of "Hey! Mr. Wilson" deals with the assassin Deathstroke. Jesse Lawson (Sleeping With Sirens) lends a hand on the intense hard rock love story between Harley Quinn and The Joker in "Frances," while the more pop/rock oriented "Elapsed Ascend" and "Elapsed Descend" revolve around The Flash. The album finishes with the songs "Legacy," referring to a discussion between Batman and his son Damian, which features Mike Herrera (MXPX) and the guitar buzzing alt-rock of "The Hooded Enigma" about the villain The Red Hood. The bonus tracks feature an acoustic version of "Frances" and a 30-second reading of "The Wilderness." To find out more about LTTRS and their latest release "Worlds We Roam," please visit their Facebook page at

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