Friday, May 27, 2016

CD Review: Discover New Music Debuts From Flame Tree And Mani Neumeier

Former Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner has been on a journey to discover as many sounds as possible. His latest adventure is a jazz fusion band called Flame Tree. They recently released their self-titled debut album through Purple Pyramid Records, which was produced by Jack Endino (L7, Nirvana). The new seven-song release takes out a page from the book of Frank Zappa with the opening twelve-minute collage titled "Mosquitos." As rhythms clash in "Past Lives," you are led down the path of smooth jazz with "In The Distance." The duel ten-minute adventures of "Liquid" and "Tantalium" look to expand your palette for jazz-fusion music as Nik Turner's flute and sax respectively lead the way, before closing with the atmospheric soundscape of "Wild Flower." To find out more about Flame Tree and their new debut album, please visit

World-renown drum legend Mani Neumeier is making his U.S. debut with his new album titled "Talking Guru Drums." It features eleven tracks that fascinates the use of rhythm, from a simple water drip as in the sixteen-minute "Time Drops," to glasses clanging together in "Im Zaugergarten." In between each epic piece of music is a short segue that last only seconds long but sets the listener up for what is to come. The exciting rhythm of "Shaman Dancer" becomes very complicated as Mani adds layers to give intricacy to his sound. The flipside is the individual rhythm pace of "Maoi Haka News" as one approach is working on during this nine-minute drum solo. The album finishes with the thirteen-minute steady, but not overpowering appeal of "Om Mani Tom" and the one-minute "Jingle Shiva-Bells." To find out more about Mani Neumeier and his new release "Talking Guru Drums," please visit

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