Thursday, May 5, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Darkness Divided, Abandoned By Bears, The Schoenberg Automaton, Grinding Fortune And Blodspor

It's been two years since Darkness Divided conquered the underground metal scene and now they are ready to release their second full-length album on Victory Records. The new self-titled album features 11-tracks that show the growth in this young metal band. Beginning with the heavy metal attack of "The Point Of No Return," Darkness Divided are back with a purpose to prove that they are one of the best hardcore metal band around. Extreme guitar riffs and howling vocals highlight "Back Breaker" and "A Life That Binds," before taking their foot off the gas for the heavy metal ballad "Wake Of The End." The tempo changes of "Deceiver" keeps the energy flowing, before finishing up with the adrenaline-fueled rhythm of "The Answer" and the electrifying guitar solo of "The End Of It All." To find out more about Darkness Divided and their new album, please visit their Facebook page at

Swedish metal band Abandoned By Bears recently released their Victory Records debut titled "The Years Ahead." The new 12-song release is a reflection of the last 12 months of the band's career as they've grown from a local act to a worldwide underground metal sensation. Beginning with a quick "call to arms," their song "Search & Find" has elements of punk, alternative rock and heavy metal to create another avenue of hard rock music. The shout out loud chorus of "Good Terms" and the intense delivery of "Out Of Bounds" will have you head-banging in no time at all. They come out swinging with the hard-hitting attack of "True Colors," then look to take over the airwaves with the mainstream, post-punk feel of "Bookmarks." The album finishes with the alternative rock of "Bad Luck" and the high-energy of "Compromise." To find out more about Abandoned By Bears and their latest release "The Years Ahead," please visit their Facebook page at

Next we arrive at the latest release from the Australian metal band The Schoenberg Automaton titled "Apus." It will be released on June 3rd through the eOne Music label and contains thirteen hard-hitting tracks, beginning with the build-up introduction of "Year Zero." They get the adrenaline pulsating through your veins early with the growling vocals of "Swarm," and the insane drumming of "Lost City Of Embers." They extend the song "...And Thus Spoke Helepolis," with tempo changes and amazing guitar riffs, turning it into an underground prog-metal masterpiece. The album finishes with the chaotic thunder of "Vengeance," the eruption of "The Fragile Ones" and the nearly eight-minute prog-metal delivery of "Fear," which showcases the exceptional musicianship within the band. To find out more about The Schoenberg Automaton and their latest release "Apus," please visit their Facebook page at

Norweigian hardcore metal band Grinding Fortune recently released their new album titled "Itch Relief." It features thirteen-tracks beginning with the buzzing guitars and screaming vocals of "Wasim." They continue with the pounding rhythm of "Flex" and and quick-hitting, punk-like rawness of "Judo." The aggressive attack of "Sudoku" and the slow, doom-metal sounds of "Muds" has Grinding Fortune touching upon many different avenues of heavy metal music with their screaming vocals being the one constant that brings all the songs together on this new album. To find out more about Grinding Fortune and their new album "Itch Relief," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, from Oslo, Norway comes the new album titled "Only Sheep Cry Wolf" from the the hardcore metal band Blodspor. The new four-song EP begins with the thrusts of speed and power during "Overthrow" and the aggressive destruction of "By Our Own Fire We Shall Burn." The short album closes with the quick-hitting "Black Mass" that looks to break some necks and make your ears bleed. To find out more about Blodspor and their latest release "Only Sheep Cry Wolf," please visit

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