Thursday, May 26, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving In June

As summer inches closer, the new heavy metal music arriving this June will heat things up quickly. Beginning with the June 3rd release of the highly anticipated album from darkwave act Troller. Their new release titled "Graphic," features ten tracks of synth-heavy, electronic rhythms lead by the soulful, ambient vocals of Amber Goers. Songs like "Not Here" and "Storm Maker" will have you floating along on the angelic tone of the songs. Also arriving June 3rd is the latest release titled "Memento Collider" from the avant-garde rock band Virus. Their new six-song release begins with the ten-minute experimental piece "Afield." The grunge-like, goth delivery of "Dripping Into Orbit" and the heavy prog-rock of "Steamer" will have you digging further into this band's catalog to discover more hidden adventures. Another June 3rd release comes from Virginia's own doom metal band Cough, who return after a five year hiatus with their new album "Still They Pray." The new eight-song release begins with the feedback buzz of "Haunter Of The Dark." They follow that up with ten minutes of dripping dark tones with "Possession" and the screaming vocals of "Masters Of Torture." Cough will keep you glued to their songs, finding a deeper meaning to their songs.

The next week, June 10th, brings the full-length debut album from Massachusetts doom-metal band Conclave. The new nine-song release titled "Sins Of The Elders," begins with the guitar driven, nine-minute skull crushing rhythm of "Funeral Frye." They continue their assault with the Black Sabbath influenced "Cut It Off" and "Aethereum." Another album arriving June 10th is the latest from the Maryland metal band Concrete Mascara titled "Perennial Disappointment." The chaotic beginning of "Area Trinity" and the buzzing static of "Utopian Nightmare" are not for your average listener as your ears may not recover from this intense delivery of sound. Next up is the latest release from Greek hardcore death metal band Sarabante titled "Poisonous Legacy." The thunderous delivery of "A Day With No Sun To Rise" and "Deceit Times" is like a shot of adrenaline to your brain as the band's energy becomes very contagious.

The halfway point of the month of June features the latest from Italy's premier underground death metal band Deceptionist. Their new album adds an industrial sound that is masked in the aggressiveness of "Quest For Identity," while the rhythm rolls through "Final Innovation - Automatic Time." The electronics come alive during the intense delivery of "Irreversible Process," before closing with the electrifying guitar solo of "Operator Nr3."

Closing out the month with a June 24th release date is the latest from the progressive-metal band It's Not Night: It's Space titled "Out Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting." The new six song release begins with the atmospheric introduction "Nada Brahma" before getting down to business with the nine-minute hardcore tones of "The Beard Of Macroprosopus." The band lock into a classic heavy metal groove on "Starry Wisdom," before closing with the doom metal appeal of "The Black Iron Prison And The Palm Tree." On June 24th, we also find the long-awaited release of the latest album from death metallers, Internal Suffering. Their new eleven-song release titled "Cyclone Void Of Power" is a blast of power that will send you back in your seat with its intense tracks like "Unleash The Antarctic Colossus" and "Vanished From The Cosmos." To find out more about these and many other new releases, please visit

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