Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Bear Hands, Straight To VHS & The Bandicoots

From Europe comes the Swiss rockabilly band Hillbilly Moon Explosion with their new album titled "With Monsters And Gods." It features fourteen songs filled with elements of rock, country, pop, jazz and everything in-between. Beginning with "In Space," you instantly get hooked on the sixties-swing rhythm, before the surf-guitars of "Temptation" leads you down the path of sultry seduction. The sixties California surf sound is the foundation for the songs "Depression" and "Love You Better," while the classic country-western feel of "With Monsters And Gods" will have you feeling relaxed. The jazzy horns of "Heartbreak Boogie" and the rockabilly/punk delivery of Blondie's "Call Me" with instantly turn you into fans, before closing the album with the fun, up-tempo swing of "Rose Outside." To find out more about The Hillbilly Moon Explosion and their latest release "With Monsters And Gods," please visit

From Brooklyn, NY comes the latest release from Bear Hands titled "You'll Pay For This." It features a dozen tracks that showcase the growth and maturity in their music since their 2010 debut album. This new release begins with the atmospheric, electronic beats of "I Won't Pay" and the lighter pop/rock of "2AM." The addictive keyboard medley of "Deja Vu" and the light acoustics of "The Shallows" displays the diversity in their songwriting, while still capturing their youthful, mainstream sound. The album's current single "Marathon Man" has modern alternative rock sound that delivers raw energy with its pulsating rhythm. The album wraps up with the post-punk appeal of "Winner's Circle" and the gentle treading of "Purposed Filled Life." Bear Hands are currently on tour, which runs through June. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "You'll Pay For This," please visit

It has been almost two years since we last heard from the Connecticut rock band Straight To VHS, but they recently released a short, 11-minute EP titled "Landmind." It begins with the raw, grunge of "No Subject," as the big sounding chorus will wake up your senses. They bring in their punk aspects to the up-tempo "Huah" and "Landmind," while "I'm In Love With You" has a classic, early British blues/rock sound. The album closes with the quick-pace thrash of "Lowest Levels Of Hell." To find out more about Straight To VHS and their latest release "Landmind," please visit

From Canada comes the latest release titled "Quarters At The Penny Arcade" from indie-rockers The Bandicoots. The new four-song EP begins with the raw, energetic feel of "Overnight Innovator" and the up-tempo, alternative pop of "Frank & Stein." The short album closes with the post-punk, modern rock appeal of "Stuck At The Carnival" as the band continues to expand their sound. To find out more about The Bandicoots and their latest release "Quarters At The Penny Arcade," please visit their Facebook page at

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