Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Sometimes Julie, Athena, Ray Goren And The Bruce Mountain Band

First from San Diego, CA comes the latest release from Sometimes Julie. Their new six-song EP titled "Bright Side Of The Line" features the powerful vocals of Monica Sorenson along with the experienced songwriting of Rick Walker. The two have grown from an acoustic bar band in 2012 into a new indie-rock force that sounds polished beyond their years together. Beginning with "Emily" and "Bright Side Of The Line," Sometimes Julie deliver a powerful set of rockers that incorporate elements of funks, blues and country. Their new short release finishes with the intense, guitar driven "Another World" and Americana/pop of "When The Sun Ain't Shining." To find out more about Sometimes Julie and their latest release "Bright Side Of The Line," please visit sometimesjulie.com.
Next comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Athena titled "Ready For The Sun - Part 1." It features five-songs that will introduce you to this indie-artist that is already enjoying success overseas. Beginning with the bright, up-beat pop tone of "You Bring Me Luck" and the softer, emotional "Everything To Me," you will instantly fall in love with Athena's voice. Her new short release wraps up with the up-tempo, mainstream appeal of "Autopilot" and the gentle piano ballad "All Of You." To find out more about Athena and her new release "Ready For The Sun - Part 1," please visit athenaandreadis.com. 
We also have the arrival of the debut release from 16-year old blues prodigy Ray Goren. The new six-song EP titled "Save My Soul" will have your jaw drop to the floor right from the first notes of opener "Save My Soul." At thirteen years old, he opened for the legendary B.B. King and has honed his skills for the last few years for his first studio release. His guitar skills are just exceptional as displayed in "Stop" and "Rise Together." The album closes with an older version of the title-song as you find yourself wanting more from this young musician. To find out more about Ray Goren and his latest release "Save My Soul," please visit raygoren.com. 
Finally from Southern California comes the debut album from veteran rockers Bruce Mountain Band. Their new release titled "Another Day Lost" has been building over the last two years as seasoned session musician Tyson Bruce invited his friends to join him in the studio to create this new 16-song, spaced-out album. Beginning with "Shine On," you get transported back a few decades as the band's sound gives off a seventies rock vibe. The rawness of "Feel It Too" and the soulful rock ballad "Thank You" showcases the combined experience this band placed on their debut release. The energy picks up with the intensity of "Living Without You" and "Fireball" while the progressive rock feel of "Woman" fully engulfs you in their classic sound. The album finishes with the big drums and guitar riffs of "Crooked Leg," the British rock feel of "Broken Wing," along with the acoustic blues of "Long Way Home. To find out more about the Bruce Mountain Band and their latest release "Another Day Lost," please visit brucemountainband.com.

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