Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Swans, Heroes Of Toolik, Sophe Lux & The Mystic And Girls On Grass

American experimental rock band the Swans will be releasing their 14th studio album titled "The Glowing Man" on June 17th. After a gap of fourteen years, Swans have been consistently releasing an album every two years since 2010, with their last album "To Be Kind," cracking the top 40 on the Billboard album chart. Their new album consists of nine-songs, ranging in length from four minutes to twenty-eight minutes. Beginning with the twelve-minute build up of "Cloud Of Forgetting," the music continues to grow before reaching the follow-up song "Cloud Of Unknowning" as lead singer/guitarist Michael Gira highlights the intensity with his vocal screams. The gentle/folk rock of "People Like Us" have a Syd Barrett vibe, while "When Will I Return" brings up memories of the Velvet Underground. The album finishes with the steady rhythm of the six-minute, gothic rock closer "Finally Peace." To find out more about the Swans and their latest release "The Glowing Man," please visit their Facebook page at

From New York comes the second release from the avant-garde rock band Heroes Of Toolik. The new album titled "Like Night" will be released in August and features nine tracks, beginning with the jazz infused, Grateful Dead feel of "Perfect." The steady rhythm of "8 Miles" allows the guitar frenzy to give the six-minute song life, while "Warm" burns bright on this steady, seven-minute jazz fusion. The modern rocker "Blind Man" draws upon their influence of early underground bands like, R.E.M. and Talking Heads. The album finishes with the quiet, lounge jazz/rock duet of "Crazy Doll" and the experimental testing of "You Will Not Follow." To find out more about Heroes Of Toolik and their latest release "Like Night," please visit

From Portland, OR comes the debut album titled "All Are One" from the glam-rock/pop newcomer Sophe Lux & The Mystic. The new album will not be released until this upcoming August, but leader Gwynneth Haynes is ready to blow fans away with their live show. The new nine-song album begins with the synthesizer fueled dance rhythm of "Your Wonderland" and operatic rock of "The Love Comet." The programming of songs like "The Earth Breathes" and "Walking The White Winged Horse" were inspired by Brian Eno's work with David Bowie. The album closes with the soul-infused, funk-rock of "Love Is Waiting" and the six-minute, atmospheric journey of "Arise & Awake." To find out more about Sophie Lux & The Mystic's new album "All Are One," please visit their Facebook page at

From Brooklyn, comes the self-titled debut release from the country/rock quartet Girls On Grass. It features eleven-songs, beginning with the up-tempo alternative country riffs of "Father Says Why," which becomes very addictive with it's sing-along lyrics and upbeat rhythm. They add a fifties, rockabilly vibe to "Too Pretty," before the country strumming of the ballad, "Fair." Girls On Grass return to the alternative country vibe of "When The Pleasure Ends" and "Return To Earth" as they tap the veins of Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo on this new release. The album finishes with the country swing of "Dave, We Love You" and the steady rhythm of "One Of The Guys." To find out more about Girls On Grass and their debut album, please visit their Facebook page at

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