Sunday, May 15, 2016

CD Review: New Punk Music From Anti-Nowhere League, U.K. Subs, Oranjjoolus & The Last Ditches

Legendary English hardcore punk band Anti-Nowhere League have been carrying the torch of punk-rock music for the last 35 years. They've inspired countless bands, including Metallica and Rancid, with their "so what" attitude and they released their seventh studio album titled "The Cage" on May 13 through Cleopatra Records. The new thirteen song release begins with the call of "all aboard" as you join the band for an adventure of classic hardcore punk with "A Bad Storm" and "Punk Rock Girl." The tell-tale lyrics of "Sealed With A Kiss" and the classic punk romp of "Uncle Charlie" showcases a band with a chip still on their shoulder to prove they should be mentioned alongside other classic English punk bands like the Sex Pistols, Generation X and The Clash. The hardcore/thrash appeal of "Fix Me" and "13 Rat Theory" showcase the heavy metal side of Anti-Nowhere League, while the Irish-punk sound of "God Bless Alcohol" is pure fun that will have you singing along in no-time. The album finishes with the marching rhythm of "Walk Away" and the modern punk riffs of "Brick By Brick." To find out more about Anti-Nowhere League and their latest release "The Cage," please visit their Facebook page at

Another legendary English punk band, the U.K. Subs is releasing a new compilation of songs titled "Friends And Relations." It features sixteen songs that cover the U.K. Subs extended family of side bands, including Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible, Urban Dogs and Target Generation. Beginning with five from the U.K. Subs, we get "Product Supply," "Rare Disease" and "Embryo," which were recorded in 2005 during a day off between concert dates. The other two U.K. Subs' songs ("Terorist0s" and "Phillips Environmental") come from a 2001 rehearsal that took place in Brazil. The four tracks featuring the side project of vocalist Charlie Harper have a more modern rock vibe, filled with synthesizers and rockabilly guitars. The Urban Dogs returned in 2014 with the 7" single "Rebellion Song"/"One Foot In The Grave," which also lends a hand from Vibrators' bassist Pat Collier. The new compilation wraps up with a handful of demo recordings from Target Generation recorded in 1984. Songs like "Sail The Wind" and "King For A Day" have that post-punk vibe that was booming the early eighties. To find out more about the U.K. Subs new release "Friends And Relations," please visit

From Los Angeles, CA comes the latest self-titled release from the "alien surf punk band" Oranjjoolius. After conquering the underground rock in New York, these trio of musicians relocated to the west coast to unleash their brand of excitingly energetic instrumentals. The new twelve song release begins with the accapella harmonizing of "Broken Rider," which features vocal help from Kishi Bashi (Of Montreal). Then Oranjjoolius take off for space with the attractive modern surf instrumentals "Zorro" and "Escape From Rum Island." Artist Guccighost lends a hand on the electronic pop feel of "Change My Life" and the song "R.I.P." has an erratic pulse that will have your heart skip a beat with some outstanding solos. The album finishes up with spaghetti-western feel of "Is There Only One Horse?" and the seven-minute soundscape journey of "Roll Tide," featuring Armen Ra. The album was released on April 1st through Cleopatra Records along with a bonus live album titled "Live In Reno 1964." It features only five songs beginning with a 26-minute medley of surf instrumentals. To find out more about Oranjjoolius and their latest release, please visit

When iconic artists come together over their love for punk/rock music, you get The Last Ditches. Brought together by studio owner, Randy Pratt, the members of the band have all played a pivotal part of their former bands like The Heartbreakers and Black Sabbath. Their new album titled "Spilt Milk" features thirteen songs mixing together aspects of punk ("Where Am I?"), alternative rock ("Monkey On My Back"), country ("I Made A Mess"), and funk ("A Thing About You"). As their music ventures into all these different genres, all the songs have that pure, raw sound, which makes this album so appealing. To find out more about The Last Ditches and their new release "Spilt Milk," please visit the Hyperspace label Facebook page at

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