Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CD Review: New Underground Heavy Metal Music Arrving During The Month Of May

This first week of May, we see quite a few new heavy metal release arriving from rising east-coast bands, beginning with the West Virginia hardcore metal band Rhin. Their new release "Passenger" brings together elements of grunge, punk and aggressive metal. The quick, reckless pace of "Uncle Tuck" and the punk-like attack of "Unwell" give the idea that Rhin have a chip on their shoulder, in order to prove they are one of the premier underground metal bands in America. Another album arriving May 6th is from the Philadelphia-based death metal band Coffin Dust. Their new release titled "Everything Is Dead" features seven-songs of screaming, grinding metal that will blow away your eardrums. The seven-minute "Gore Ensemble" and nine-minute "Everything Is Dead" are epic numbers as the band continues to grow and evolve into an underground metal force.

Also hitting the shelves the first week of May is the new, full-length release from the Oakland progressive, hard rock band Alaric titled "End Of Mirrors." It features seven epic numbers that build upon the band's post-punk foundation as songs like "Demon" and "Adore" reshape the landscape of epic, prog-rock music. They add a dark, Black Sabbath vibe to "The Shrinking World," before finishing with the punk-like "End Of Mirrors" and grunge-metal appeal of "Angel." Finally we get to the latest release from the Baltimore-based grind metal band Musket Hawk titled "Desolate." It feature eight-songs that hit you like a blast of energy with the hardcore, quick-pace of "Reluctant Punk" and "Connois Sewer." Their music contains a base of seventies metal as Musket Hawk build upon that heavy metal foundation.

The following week features the unleashing of the debut album from Gridfailure titled "Ensuring The Bloddline Ends Here." This release is the creation of David Brenner when he began conducting experiments with his collection of unused materials from his other bands (Theologian, Vice Massacre). The results are a "Frankensteinian" collection of soundscapes that are not fully appreciated without listening to these tracks in a dark room with a good pair of headphones.

A week later, we get another batch of releases beginning with the French psychedelic, stoner metal of Mars Red Sky. Their latest release "Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)" features eight, epic pieces that bring together their influences to create atmospheric piece of music like "Apex III" and "Prodigal Sun." Also from Europe comes the latest album titled "Sonic Debris from Portugal's Miss Lava. Their new ten-song release begins with the amazing, six-minute song "Another Beast Is Born" as their music takes you on a voyage through space. Songs like "I'm The Asteroid" and "Planet Darkness" are great progressive metal pieces that will have you hitting replay instantly.
Another May 20th release arrives from Canadian death metal band First Fragment. Their new album titled "Dasein" is an eleven-song punch in the face and the speed metal music comes blasting through with "Le Serment De Tsion" and "Emergence." The classic guitar of "Prelude En Sol Diese Mineur" showcases a different, more technical side to the band, but "Archetype" and "Gula" will have you back head-banging to their neck-breaking speed in no time. This week also see the latest from Eternal Sleep titled "The Emptiness Of..." It features ten hardcore metal tracks from one of Pittsburgh's premier underground heavy metal bands. Songs like "Last Kind Words" and "Typical Broken Heart" are hard-hitting tunes with a nineties, alternative metal vibe. Their retro metal sound is a great reminder of when heavy metal music was raw, stripped down to it's core as demonstrated in songs "Revisionist" and "Never Again A Harder Goodbye." 

Closing out the month of May is the new album titled "Gravenous Hour" from Russian death metal band Katalepsy. The new 11-song release comes blasting out of the gate with the growls of "Blindead Sultan" following a short 80-second instrumental. The speed and power of songs like "To the Lords Of Nihil" and "Critical Black Mass" shows that this band is not joke and ready to take you by the throat as their shear force will make your ears bleed with delight. To find out more about these latest heavy metal albums arriving in May, please visit earsplitcompound.com.

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