Sunday, May 1, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Johnny Winter Teams Up With Dr. John To Perfrom "Live In Sweden 1987"

Back in 1987, legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter performed a show in Sweden for Swedish television. While he's performed hundreds of shows for TV and video, this one was special because joining him on stage was the equally legendary musician Dr. John. On April 22nd, the MVD Entertainment group released the entire hour long set, which includes the Johnny Winter classics "Sound The Bell" and "Love Life & Money," on DVD and CD.

The video begins with Johnny talking about his love for the blues and how he's always wanted to perform alongside the great Dr. John. As Winter and his band enter the television studio, he rips into the opening chords of "Sound The Bell." Johnny Winter has no problems taking the leads early on in the set with a blazing solo during "Mojo Boogie." Dr. John enters to perform the vocals of the swamp blues of "You Lie Too Much" as his piano performance speaks for itself. The two artists trade verses of "Sugar Sweet" and turn the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" into one huge ten-minute jam session, which the studio crowd is very delighted about.

A CD of the performance was also released and contains the entire hour-long show, while the DVD includes one bonus song. It features Johnny Winter performing "Prodigal Son" live in the recording studio back in 1972. The footage is very rough, but gives a sense of nostalgia to the this recording. If only more of this footage was available to view, which gives an insight to Winter's amazing performance early in his career. To find out more about this new DVD and CD release of Johnny Winter with Dr. John "Live in Sweden 1987," please visit

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