Friday, June 17, 2016

CD Review: The Avett Brothers Are Filled With "True Sadness" On New Release

The North Carolina folk/rock band The Avett Brothers have built a following the old fashion way. By putting on great live shows and releasing new music that continues to break the mold of Americana music that they have helped create over the last 16 years. On June 24th, The Avett Brothers will release their ninth studio album titled "True Sadness" on Republic Records.

The new album features a dozen songs, beginning with the gospel-infused, clap/stomp rhythm of "Ain't No Man," which is a calling for all to gather around and enjoy this new set of tunes. Their exceptional songwriting is heard in "Mama, I Don't Believe" and "Smithsonian" as The Avett Brothers continue to delivery memorable, genre-defining songs that are easy to grab hold of. They premiered "Satan Pulls The Strings" on their most recent live album, "Vol. 4," but the studio version has a bigger impact with the funk/rock backdrop, which continues into the pop/rock of "True Sadness." The iconic harmonizing between brothers Seth and Scott give strength and emotion to the lyrics of "Wish I Was" and "Fisher Road To Hollywood," as the brothers handle the songs with grace. The album finishes with the acoustic shuffle, sing-along of "Victims Of Life" and the grand orchestral delivery of "May It Last."

The Avett Brothers are currently touring the U.S. behind their new album. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about their new album "True Sadness, please visit

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