Thursday, June 23, 2016

CD Review: Hot New Heavy Music Arriving In July

With July quickly arriving, the heavy metal music scene is also heating up with new independent album releases. Beginning July 1st, we get the latest album titled "Ruins" from the Canadian black metal band Iskra. After two decades together, Iskra continue put everything they have into their music. Songs like "Lawless" and "Traume" showcase depth to their sound as they bombard you with guitar riffs and aggressive drumming in order to keep your focus on their purpose of dominating the underground metal scene. They mix tempos as in "Aegis Of The Victor" to give the listener a taste of the band's progressive force in the black metal community. Also arriving at the beginning of the month is the latest release from Methra titled "Acolyte." Their motto is "making heavy music for heavy people" and this latest release is slow moving sludge metal at its best. The rumbling buzz of "Hartley's Cult" has them enjoying the slow-moving metal, while the dark, death metal appeal of "Meridian" and "Pike Warship" show that this band can certainly pick-up the tempo when necessary.
Arriving the following week on July 8th is the highly anticipated release from Sweden's leading progressive metal band Wolverine titled "Machina Viva." It is the band's first release through Sensory Records and is their most dynamic album to date in the band's twenty-plus career. Beginning with the fourteen-minute opener "The Bedlam Overture," Wolverine uses their experiences to their advantage as they invite the listener on a multidimensional sonic journey. The heavy rock of "Pledge" and the build-up of the nine-minute "Nemesis" showcase the full-potential of this band becoming a global phenomenon in heavy metal. Another July 8th arrival is the latest from the death metal band Lord Of War. Their new album titled "Suffer" is exactly what your ears will do when you turn the volume up high. The new eleven song release is dark and aggressive as the opening track, "Age Of Hersey" sets the stage for the rest of the album. Lord Of War deliver 45-minutes of loud, aggressive, adrenaline-pumping music that keep you engaged in their sound with songs like "Behold The Harvest" and "Carbon Based Genocide."
The following week brings us the latest from Ohio death metal band Fistula titled "Longing For Infection." This is a new creative peak for the band with songs like "Morgue Attendant" and "Destitute" by incorporating elements of classic metal with punk and grunge to keep their sound fresh and new. Another new release arriving July 15th is from the west coast doom metal band Castle titled "Welcome To The Graveyard." Their music has a nostalgic, seventies metal appeal as heard on the opening track "Black Widow." They deliver the perfect soundtrack for Halloween with "Welcome To The Graveyard," then pick up the tempo with the Motorhead-sounding "Flash Of The Pentagram." The band's mystical hobby comes through on the Aleister Crowley inspired "Traitors Rune." Castle are currently on tour in the U.S. through until September.
One of the heavy metal highlights of the summer is the debut release from Scour, featuring Philip Anselmo (Pantera), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derk Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Chase Fraser (Continuum) and Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention). The new six-song EP will be released on July 15th through Hardcore Records on CD and vinyl. Beginning with "Dispatched," Scour displays their power as they blast their way through the songs hard-hitting, fast pace. The whole album is one quick, powerful piece of music that will make your head spin as you will find yourself replaying it over and over. Another July 15th release is the sophomore album from New York rockers Psalm Zero. Their new album titled "Stranger To Violence" is a unique version of "heavy" metal as drum machines, synthesizers and pulsating bass grooves provide the goth-like backdrop for singer Charlie Looker. The album plays like a "cinematic" musical experience with the imagery of "Reel Rain" and the electronic rhythm of "White Psyche" that sweep along the heavy metal landscape. 
Finally we get near the latter half of the month with new releases from Mizery and Unmerciful arriving July 22nd. San Diego-based hardcore metal band Mizery are releasing their debut album on Flashpoint Records. It features a raw, thrash metal appeal as songs like "One Kiss" and "Absolute Light" showcase the youthful energy and hunger to prove themselves. On the flipside, the new release from Unmerciful, titled "Ravenous Impulse," features nine-tracks of intense, motorized drumming and growling vocals that make this release one of the most anticipated releases of the Summer heavy metal scene. The insanely fast pace of "Abscission" and the pounding rhythm of "Sociopathic Predation" shows that Unmerciful are not fooling around on this new release as they use their fifteen years of experience to create an iconic piece of hardcore death metal for the ages. To find out more about these and other new heavy metal releases, please visit

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