Monday, June 27, 2016

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Releases New Albums From White Chapel And Denner/Shermann

American hardcore metal band Whitechapel have become one of the premier bands in the genre. Since their beginnings in 2006, the band has continued to grow in popularity which saw their 2014 album "Our Endless War" crack the top 10 on the Billboard album chart. On June 24th, Whitechapel released their sixth studio album titled "Mark Of The Blade." It features eleven tracks that showcase the growth and maturity in their deathcore sound. Beginning with "The Void," Whitechapel come blasting out of the gate with the quick-pace of this exciting hardcore aggressive style. They stay in the same vein with the pounding rhythm of the title song "Mark Of The Blade." The band slows things down for the intense, dark emotions of "Bring Me Home," before grinding out the west coast heavy metal feel of "Tremors." They throw all their energy into the screams of "Tormented," then showcase their musicianship in the instrumental "Brotherhood," before closing the album with the six-minute death metal epic piece "Decennium." To find out more about Whitechapel and their latest release "Mark Of The Blade," please visit 
Also released on June 24th is the latest full-length album from Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann titled "Masters Of Evil." The duo's 2015 EP "Satan's Tomb" laid the groundwork for this new eight-song release. Beginning with "Angel's Blood," the dual guitar attack is supported by the great rhythm work of Snowy Shaw on drums and Marc Garbowski on bass. Lead singer Sean Peck powers the song, "Son Of Satan" with his soprano vocals as he lets out his heavy metal screams. The band carries a classic Black Sabbath vibe into "The Wolf Feeds At Night" and keep the metal mysticism of "Servants Of Dagon." The album closes with the seven-minute progressive-metal piece, "The Baroness." Denner/Shermann will be performing at this year's Metal Magic Festival and Headbangers Open Air Festival in July. To find out more about their new album "Masters Of Evil," please visit

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