Sunday, June 12, 2016

CD Review: New Albums From Singer/Songwriters Michael Fracasso And Tommy Womack

From Austin, TX comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Michael Fracasso titled "Here Comes The Savages." It features thirteen tracks made up of originals and cover songs as Fracasso adds his own style in order to make them feel like his own. Beginning with "Say," his voice is silky smooth as the lyrics are easy to follow along a gentle rock backdrop. He follows with the acoustic strumming of "Open," before heading into the first cover song of the album, Brian Wilson's "Caroline, No." Fracasso slows the tempo of the song way down in order to make it into a lush ballad. His storied lyrics take center stage on the mellow tone of "Boy In The Bubble" and adds a funk/rock groove to The Rascals' "How Can I Be Sure." His bluesy side comes out during "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" and turns the punk classic "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" into a piano ballad. The album closes with a spot on, rock 'n' roll cover of The Kinks' "Better Days," which gives the album one last jolt of energy. To find out more about Michael Fracasso and his latest release "Here Comes The Savages," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Tommy Womack will be releasing his new album "Namaste" on June 24th. It features eleven tracks that were inspired by his two near-death experiences. Beginning with the sixties soul of "Angel," his words are given such meaning as he is singing with emotion. Womack has a little fun with the lyrics of "Comb Over Blues" and draws inspiration for "End Of The Line" from classic songwriters like John Prine and Ray Davies. He tackles the Christian religion with an open mind in the lyrics of "God Part III" draped across a country music background. The dark rock tones of " I Almost Died" are spoken from true life experiences and a live version of "Nashville" feel like beat poetry as Womack pours all his feelings out in this "work-in-progress." The album closes with the gentle folk sound of "It's A Beautiful Morning" that is given more truth as Womack sings from the heart. To find out more about Tommy Womack and his latest release "Namaste," please visit

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