Thursday, June 2, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Albums Arriving From HereAndNow, Beldam And Monsterworks

As the month of June begins to get underway, the second half of the month of June is filled with a few of heavy metal albums that you must check out. Beginning with the June 17th debut release, "Flipside Story" from the Bulgarian metal band HereAndNow. The new eleven song release comes blasting out of the gate with the aggressive, hardcore attack of "toResist" and the thunderous "forsakeTheSick." The energy stays on full blast throughout their new release as songs like "ruinsOfThePast" and "theHydra" showcase their youth, while bringing together their early influences. To find out more about HereAndNow, please visit
Also arriving June 17th is the debut album from Virginia's own sludge/doom metal band Beldam with "Still The Wretched Linger." Their new seven-song release delivers a dark-toned, grunge metal sound that slowly seeps into your brain and takes over your mind with epic songs like "The Foundling" and "Salamander." To find out more about Beldam, please check out their Facebook page at 
Arriving two weeks later on June 24th is the latest release from UK Metal veterans Monsterworks with their new album "Black Swan Annihilation." The album carries the theme of the rise of man and fall of man through an unpredictable disaster. Beginning with "Immortalist," Monsterworks showcase their brand of genre-crossing metal, bringing together thrash, prog and death metal. In one breath they delivery the punk fury of "Unbridled Force Of Nature," then return with the nine-minute prog-rock of "Black Swan Annihilation." To find out more about Monsterworks, please visit their Facebook page at

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