Tuesday, June 7, 2016

CD Review: New Music Arriving From Another Lost Year, Anton Vezuv, Yes Sun Yes And Rodeo

American hard rock band, Another Lost Year return with their new sophomore studio album "Alien Architect." It features a dozen tracks that will help solidify the notion that this is one of the premier rock bands in America. Beginning with a spoken-word introduction, Another Year Lost warm up in the background, before blasting into the album's lead single "Wolves" as the intense, adrenaline-fueled track will demand your attention. They keep the energy flowing through "Bastard Sons" and "Trigger Finger," before pulling back the reigns for the acoustic strumming of "He Took Beautiful Away." After the power ballad "Memories," Another Year Lost give one last blast of power with the thunderous delivery of "We All Die Alone" and the quick pace of "Holding On Letting Go." Another Year Lost will be on tour this summer, performing alongside Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, Steven Tyler and Papa Roach. To find out more about their new album "Alien Architect," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/AnotherLostYear.

Hungarian rock band Anton Vezuv also recently released their sophomore album "Lay Low Butterfly." It features six songs, beginning with the slow blues of "Like A Broken Heart." Their music will not overpower you, but instead invite you in the warm tones of "Versions" and the jazzy piano ballad "Out Of Love." They save the best for last with "God Knows" as some slide guitar highlights the worldly feel of the song's melody. To find out more about Anton Vezuv and their latest release "Lay Low Butterfly," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/antonvezuv.

Next from Austin, TX comes the new concept album from Yes Sun Yes titled "The Siege Of Austin." The new album tells the fictional tale of giant robots taking over the city of Austin and Yes Sun Yes is there to save the day. Beginning with "Intro," Yes Sun Yes slowly build up the story, before going full-blown rock with the guitar riffs of "The Prophecy, Revealed." Their sound on "Dear God, What A Mess" draws similarities to Barenaked Ladies, while Yes Sun Yes try their hand at a pop with the contagious harmonies of "Only Theoretical (A Bad Plan Is Better Than No Plan)." The band give their battle cry with "To War!," then finish off the attack with the 311/island vibe of "The Final Confrontation (Cowards)." To find out more about Yes Sun Yes and their latest release "The Siege Of Austin," pleas visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/yessunyesband.

Finally, from Already Dead Tapes & Records is the debut album from Rodeo titled "Dust Bowl." It is quoted as being the best soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western movie that was never made. The new fourteen-song release is filled with atmospheric soundscapes that paint the perfect setting in your mind, beginning with "Ghost Town" as lone strings lead the way. The subtleties in their music sets the stage as you anticipate what's to come from "Tumbleweed" and "No Man's Land." The southern swagger of "Ride Across The Border" and the Latin-style rockabilly of "Drive" allows the perfect backdrop to create your own soundtrack with your memories. The album wraps up with the dark piano overtones of "Funeral" and the quiet sparkle of "Messages." To find out more about Rodeo and their latest release "Dust Bowl," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/rodeomusic.

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