Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Sir O, Radclyffe Hall And High Dive Heart

From the U.K., comes the full-length debut album from singer/songwriter Sir O. The new twelve-song release titled "Forever + A Day" begins with the thumping drumbeat of "Stay" as his vocals are very inviting. The song's melody grows with each verse as you feel uplifted by his voice. The album's lead single "Lost" is a pop/rock gem as he pours he emotions into the song's lyrics. Sir O lets loose his rock side with the blazing guitar solo of "Three Words," before pulling back the reigns with the soft acoustics of "Comeback." His songwriting is beautiful on the ballad "Forever Plus A Day" and on the album closers "Something Is Missing" and the uptempo pop/rock of "Glimmer Of Hope." To find out more about Sir O and his latest release "Forever + A Day," please visit

From Boston comes the latest release from the electronic pop band Radclyffe Hall titled "Ghosts." The new ten song release begins with their latest single, "Rather Be." It's a synthesizer fueled song that gets lifted with the bright sounds of the chorus as the beat carries an eighties dance vibe. Their sound becomes very addictive with the dance club rhythm of "Dare To Dream" and the Madonna-like pop of "Don't Wait (It's Now Or Never)." The keyboard funk/dance groove of "Control" has the beats and chorus that can go on for hours, while the sultry vocals of "Stars" will wrap around you with it's R&B vibe. To find out more about Radclyffe Hall and their latest release "Ghosts," please visit

The electronic/pop duo of Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy will be releasing their sophomore effort "HDH VS. MTR (Part One)" as High Dive Heart look to continue their popularity on the charts. Their 2015 release "Sonic Graffti" featured the hit single "Vintage," which topped the Global Viral Spotify music chart. Now the duo return with six new tunes, beginning with additive beats of "Misfit" and the dance rhythm of "Dirty Money" as Reeves and Joy's voices mesh so well on these new pop anthems. The all too short new release finishes up with the fun, Maroon 5-feel of "Camera Song" and the energetic build up of "Stars Falls Down," which closes the album on a high note. To find out more about High Dive Heart and their latest release "HDH VS. MTR (Part One)," please visit

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