Monday, June 20, 2016

CD Review: New Music From The RAZ Band, MJ12, Ray Bennett And Bulgogi

Gonzo Multimedia is celebrating over 30 years of The RAZ band with a new "best of" release. Michael RAZ Rescigno has been a part of the music industry for the better part of 40 years and has played alongside some of the best musicians in the genre. Raz's style brings together punk, new wave and British blues to create a powerfully addictive sound that is sure to grab your attention.

The new 19-song release begins with the New York punk-style of "The Boy," before shifting over to the new wave rock of "Time Marches On." Former Badfinger guitarist Joey Molland lights up "Back In The Shadows" with his electrifying lead guitar and Joe Vitale (The Eagles) helps out on the seventies-style hard rock of "Tough Love." The full force of The RAZ Band is felt on the energetic punk outlet "Buck It." Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) joins in the fun on the eighties-sounding, keyboard ballad "I Said To Myself, Self." The collection closes with a couple of live songs recorded at Madame Wong's West in Los Angeles in 1984. The small club feel works to RAZ's advantage blasting their way through the quickness of "The Times Together" and bookending this release with their debut single "The Boy" performed live. To find out more about "The Best Of RAZ," please visit
U.K. instrumental progressive rock band MJ12 will be releasing their self-titled debut album on June 24th through Gonzo Multimedia. The new band features Brand X bassist legend Percy Jones as he makes sure his presence is known in every song on the album.  Beginning with "Call 911," the quick pace of the song carries a jazz-fusion feel to the rhythm and "Magic Mist" sounds as if it came right from the Frank Zappa songbook. This all leads up to the nine-minute sonic landscape of "Talk Time." The band's rock aspects finally shine through on the more intense feel of "Big Daddy Road," before finishing with the atmospheric tones of "Magic Mist Reprise." To find out more about MJ12 and their newly debut album, please visit

Former Flash bassist Ray Bennett released his break-through solo album in 2001, just days after the tragedy of 9/11. The album titled "Whatever Falls" became a critics masterpiece for progressive rock music, but then was quickly forgotten. The original ten-song album was recently reissued to digital outlets on June 6th. The music in songs like "Torn Apart" and "Diggin With A Spoon" are timeless and the title-song embodies the adventures spirit of prog-rock. Ray Bennett has currently reformed Flash, taking over lead guitar duties. To find out more about the new re-issue of his debut solo album "Whatever Falls," please visit

From Asheville, NC comes the latest album from the independent rock band Bulgogi titled "Juan Dissed The Cyclops Baby." Their experimental, progressive hard rock sound on the opener "School" is certainly interesting with its tempo changing and multiple vocals. The band combines elements of The Mothers Of Inventions with Gwar to create a uniquely appealing collection of songs. The short four-song EP closes with the seven-minute, genre-clashing sounds of "Rotten" as Bulgogi's music continues to grow on you with each listen. To find out more about Bulgogi and their latest release "Juan Dissed The Cyclops Baby," please visit their Facebook page at

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