Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Solo Artists Rocker-T, Ed Roman, Eddy Mann And J. Allen

Reggae artist Rocker-T will be releasing his latest album "The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman" on June 17th through his own independent label. It features sixteen-songs with help from reggae legends Mykal Rose, Prezident Brown and Gappy Ranks. Beginning with "Yankee & Yarde," Rocker-T lays the groundwork for a beats-filled, dance album layered with reggae vibes as he rolls the lyrics out like a veteran hip-hop artist. Gappy Ranks joins Rocker-T for the more laid-back vibe of "Need Some" and Mama-T helps with the island groove of "Herbalist." The party fever picks-up with the "Garden Of Goodness" featuring support from Jah Wave and Ras Indio. The second half of the album features seven remixes that add more dance beats, especially in "Tru Ganjaman Megamix" and the two remixes of "One Million Matches." To find out more about Rocker-T and his latest release "The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter/musician Ed Roman recently released his latest album "Red Omen." It features thirteen songs, beginning with the up-beat, Blues Traveler-type jammy feel of the title song, "Red Omen." He adds a country vibe to "Tough Cookie," then gets his southern rock groove going for "I Am Love." He showcases the wonderful harmonies of "Time Itself," before going full blast punk-rock on "Clone The Sheep." This new album touches upon many different music genres, but Roman feels most at home during the country/folk sound of "Lay One Go." The album closes with an extended mix of the up-tempo rock/pop song "I Am Love," adding a more electronics feel to the song. To find out more about Ed Roman and his latest release "Red Omen," please visit

American singer/songwriter/musician Eddy Mann recently released his new album "Dig Love." As a Christian artist, his music has inspired many of his followers who have seem him perform live. His songs are uplifting and spirited, beginning with the acoustic country/rock of "Rise Up" and the folk/funk of "I'm Setting My Mind On You." The six-minute "Love Is Splendiferous" is where you see his talents shine as he delivers one of his career highlights with this perfect blend of words and music. His new ten-song finishes with the gentle country ballad "There's A Lot Of You In Me" and the spirited acoustics of "Another Trip Around The Sun." To find out more about Eddy Mann and his latest release "Dig Love," please visit

American independent folk singer/songwriter J. Allen recently released his latest album "Worry Not." It features six songs that feature Allen singing amongst a stark backdrop of acoustics and a slight keyboard, which allows his vocals to take the spotlight. The gentle folk of "Worry Not" and the storied lyrics of "Bring Her Back Home" showcases the potential in Allen's songs. The Americana vibe of "Fall Out Of Love" should have Allen get noticed as one of America's premier indie-folk artists. To find out more about J. Allen and his latest release "Worry Not," please visit

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