Monday, June 13, 2016

CD Review: New Rock From Underground Imports Illyria And The Velvetiens

From Perth comes the self-titled debut album from the black metal band Illyria. Their new nine-song release begins with the grand seven-minute epic "Cold Summer" as their music combines death metal energy with symphonic elements. They will blast you away with the sheer force and speed of "Temptation," then they hit a more mainstream metal sound with their new addictive single "Sarim." They stick to that working formula with the power of "Wonder" and the intense build-up of "Origins" as Illyria are looking to conquer the world of metal in one swift stroke. To find out more about Illyria and their new debut album, please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian modern alternative rock band The Velvetiens recently released their latest album last month titled "A Hot Second With The Velvetiens." The EP was originally released in April of 2015 on cassette only, but has been reworked in the studio and re-released for the first time digitally and on CD. The new six-song release begins with the raw, grunge-like swing of "Monica Louise" as they tap into a post-punk sound on this album opener. They pull together a mellow, sixties vibe on "Hanging From The Ceiling," before the slow-build up of "Shimmy Shake" and the fun, garage rock appeal of "Sunhat." To find out more about The Velvetiens and their latest release "A Hot Second With The Velvetiens," please visit their Facebook page at

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