Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cassette Review: New Indie-Rock Releases From Pumpkin Seed, Wica Intina, Arklight & Sheep Bella Tine

From Tennessee comes the latest noise experiment from Pumpkin Seed titled "Songs From A Wooden Bell, Vol. 1" It was released in limited quantities on cassette only with the flip side containing the latest recordings from Wica Intina. Beginning with the sound collage of "Yanga Yanga," the song has so much going on that it becomes hard to follow, but the raw demo feel of "Dakotas Room/Holiday" leads to a better song structure to follow. Pumpkin Seed wrap up their side of the cassette with the lighter grunge strumming of "Signs Of The Father." 
Wica Intina begin with a more polished sound of the mellow acoustics of "The Remaining Tribes Move To Shiloh." The six-minute opener showcases much promise in the band's songwriting. Wica Intina paints the perfect picture with the acoustic folk storytelling of "Ballad Of The Obey," before closing with gentle starkness of "Tiny Confessions." To find out more about Pumpkin Seed and Wica Intina, please visit 
Another two-fer limited edition cassette comes from the Los Angeles bands Arklight and Sheep Bella Tine. Arklight only contributes four of the ten songs on this new release as their sound has a retro-grunge feel. The opener "Big Ideas" has a steady guitar riff that keeps the vocals on pace, while "Loyal Order Of Noose" has a Frank Zappa-type rock vibe attached to it. Arklight finish with the raw, monotone delivery of "Young Lovers." 
On the flipside is Sheep Bella Tine with their brand of atmospheric instrumental progressive-rock, beginning with "Prominence" and "Of Hybrid Figures." They capture a mood with the space-like rock sounds "The Tragic Farces" and "Of Katchina Dolls," before wrapping things up with the experimental piece "Of Nadie." To find out more about this latest release from Arklight and Sheep Bella Tine, please visit

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