Friday, July 29, 2016

CD Review: Afroman Is Just "Happy To Be Alive" With His New Album

American hip-hop artist Afroman is best-known for the song "Because I Got High," one of the top-selling singles in 2001. His career has latest for over 15 years and he just released his sixteenth album titled "Happy To Be Alive" on July 8th through X-Ray Records. Always an advocate for marijuana, this album will not make you change your mind about him since at least four of the songs talk about getting "high." 
The beats come out booming with the opening track "Keep On Hustling," speaking about what he had to do in the early days to make a buck. Part of Afroman's fame comes from his crazily comical lyrics backed by an infectious rhythm as in "Smokin Hay," but the music of "High On The Highway" and "Beat Of Life" are contagious and undeniable. Afroman features four of his classic songs from his early albums newly recorded, including "Because I Got High" and "Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)." He closes his new album with "Christmas Time," a rap about growing up and celebrating the holiday broke, without money, but making the best of what they had. To find out more about Afroman and his latest release "Happy To Be Alive," please visit

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