Monday, July 18, 2016

CD Review: Cleopatra Records Collects Songs For The "Devilution" Of London May & The "Dark Side" Of Luna 13

American punk musician London May performed in some of the best underground punk rock bands in history. He has been associated with Samhain, Dag Nasty and even auditioned for the Circle Jerks. Cleopatra Records has gathered 15 previously unreleased tracks from eleven of London May's bands between 1982-1993 into a new compilation titled "Devilution: The Early Years."

Beginning with his first band Rat Patrol, the song "Fist Fight" features a Sex Pistols vibe as May's drums motor through the 65-second song. The music shows a more developed sound in his next band Reptile House. They display an early eighties modern punk sound in "Sleeestack Weather," while his time in Dag Nasty was short-lived but showcased how his sound had developed in the live version of "The Godfather." The only appearance of his most famous gig, drummer for the goth/punk band Samhain is a live cover of The Misfits song "To Walk The Night."

The songs on this release are raw, but show the many different sides of London May as with the alternative rock of "Shaky On The Wrong Floor" from Reuben Redding and the hardcore punk of "Nuthin'" from Lunchbox. The album closes with a pair from the hardcore metal band Distorted Pony and London May's audition for the punk band Circle Jerks. To find out more about the new compilation of rare tracks from London May, please visit

Also recently released from Cleopatra Records is the new album titled "Dark Side Of The Sun," from the deathtronic duo Luna 13. The new eight-song release takes you on a sonic journey down the mesmerizing rabbit hole. Beginning with the the dark swirling sounds and voices of "Gods Of Night," we are introduced to a different side of industrial metal music that opens up your mind along with the dubstep beats of the title-song "Dark Side Of The Sun." The rhythm speeds up as you feel trapped in the horror movie of "Doll Face" and feel the instinctual rage of "Venomous Love." The album finishes with the excitingly experimental "Swarm" and the grinding rhythm of "Try Death."

Luna 13 will make their big screen debut, performing in the upcoming horror film, "The Devil's Domain," starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill). Luna 13 have a few shows scheduled out west during July and August. To find out more about their new release, "Dark Side Of The Sun," please visit 

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