Saturday, July 16, 2016

CD Review: Guitarist Extraordinaire Jeff Beck Comes Roaring Back With "Loud Hailer"

Legendary English guitarist Jeff Beck will be releasing his 17th studio album titled "Loud Hailer" on July 15th through Atco. It has been six years between albums for Beck and in that time, he also wrote a new book titled "BECK01" about his passion for guitars and hot rods. Soon after the release of the album, Jeff Beck will be hitting the road for a U.S. tour with Buddy Guy, which runs until the end of August.

The new eleven-song release begins with "The Revolution Will Be Televised" as you are introduced to Beck's new lead singer Rosie Bones and new guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. The intense pounding rhythm allows Beck to let his guitar explore the soundscape while Bones' spoken words play out like a news program. Rosie Bones lets loose with her iconic vocals on "Live In The Dark" as she tries to match up to Beck's outstanding solo delivery. Beck shakes the foundation with raw, fuzztoned sound of "Pull It," before bringing out the blues of "Thugs Club" and "Shame." The dual guitar attack of Beck and Vandenberg adds the perfect backdrop for Bones' earth-shaking vocals in "The Ballad Of Jersey Wives." Jeff Beck finishes his new album with the funk-fueled rhythm of "O.I.L. (Can't Get Enough Of That Sticky" and the slow, up-lifting spirited feel of "Shrine." To find out the latest happenings with Jeff Beck, including the release of his new album "Loud Hailer," please visit his Facebook page at

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