Saturday, July 2, 2016

CD Review: "Home On The Range" Compilation Raises Funds For Animal Rights

On June 24th, the non-profit organization Compassionate Farming Education Initiative (CFEI) released a benefit compilation titled "Home On The Range." It features 21 tracks, including unreleased live songs and exclusive recordings, from some outspoken musicians who are passionate about animal rights and environmental issues. The album was conceived and produced by Kneel Cohn to help raise funds for abused and neglected farm animals.

Beginning with the sixties-style pop swing of "Break Up The Concrete," from The Pretenders, the album gets off to an up-beat start. The emotional tones roll in with the acoustic version of "The Day" from Moby and Nellie McKay's jazzy ballad "Suitcase Song." The energy picks back up with Kneel Cohn's own band, Warshow Angels and the electronic rock of "Bang Bang Love" along with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts punk-like delivery of "Make It Black." This eclectic display of artists have all come together for one purpose, their love of animals and saving their natural environment. You also have artists stepping out of their comfort zone, like the acoustic rock of "Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon" from Justin Sane of the punk band Anti-Flag and rockers Micah Tamblyn (Dropa), Share Ross (Vixen) and Bam Ross (The Dogs D'Amour) coming together as The Lovestains to bring us the funk/rock of "Downtown." The album finishes with the storied acoustic sounds of "The Stars Left Off Mockey" by Stephen R. Burroughs and the electronic remix of "Pray For My Machine" from Sin Corporation." To find more about this new compilation for a cause and to see how you can donate to "Home On The Range," please visit

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