Friday, July 15, 2016

CD Review: Ken Sharp Rises Up For A "New Mourning," Redleg Husky Gives Us "My Old Heart" And Milan Mumin Pleads His "Case"

Critically acclaimed author and journalist Ken Sharp recently released his latest album titled "New Mourning." It features mix of ballads and sonic adventures with help from some friends. Singer/guitarist Rick Springfield appears on the big rock beats of "Burn & Crash" and on the synthesizer-fueled, eighties feel modern rock of "Satellite." Guitarist Wally Stocker (The Babys) appears on the album's opening track "Dynamite & Kerosene" which is a great, up-tempo rocker that has an alternative/pop flair. Ken delivers pop/rock gold with "Let Be Friends" and showcases his wonderful songwriting skills on the acoustic ballad "1000 Guitars." The album finishes with the big guitar riffs of "Mr. Know It All" and the experimental soundscape of "Loser." To find out more about Ken Sharp and his latest release "New Mourning," please visit

From Asheville, NC comes the latest release titled "My Old Heart" from Americana/country band Redleg Husky. It is the band's second full-length album and was recorded and produced in Haddam, CT. The new ten song release begins with the "down-home" vocals of Misa Giroux on "Katie" as you begin to get settled into this collection of "feel-good" music. The full band effort of "Born Along The Tracks" sounds truthful, as if it was recorded in one big circle in one take with only one mic. Redleg Husky plug in for the country, folk/rock of "Broken Down/Busted Flat," then simplify their sound once again with the gentle acoustics of "Your Favorite Hymn." The album finishes with the pure Americana vibes of "Bottle Full Of Felonies" and emotional harmonies of "My Old Heart." To find out more about Redleg Husky and their latest release "My Old Heart," please visit

Singer/songwriter Milan Mumin recently released his latest solo album "In Case One Of Them Is You" on July 8th through Plus Size Dan Productions. He is the frontman for the Serbian rock band Love Hunters, but his recently solo performances enticed him to record this new five-song EP. Beginning with "I'd Rather Be Your Fool," you'd think this was a new Tom Waits album as Mumin's vocals sounds eerily similar. He injects experience into the words of "Same Moon" as his weathered vocals delivery a realistic sound to his music. The new short release finishes with the keyboard driven pop/rock of "Uncover Me" and the more suitable "Lies And Lies And Lies" as Mumin delivers a memorable tune with storied lyrics. To find out more about Milan Mumin and his latest release "In Case One Of Them Is You," please visit his Facebook page at

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