Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music On The Horizon From Vanhelgd, Howling Giant, TMHM & Dark Forest

Highlighting some new heavy metal music arriving in the next month from Vanhelgd, Howling Giant, TMHM and Dark Forest. First we begin with the Swedish death metal band Vanhelgd and their latest album "Temple Of Phobos." The sound on this new release mixes together dark and mystical sounds with a hard pounding metal attack. Beginning with "Lamentation Of The Mortals," the band showcases their skills as they bring you along on a journey, while "Den Klentrogenes Klagan" features the eerie tones of an angelic chorus to add to the song's supernatural tone. The new seven-song release closes with the progressive metal groove of "Allt Hopp A r Fo rbi." To find out more about Vanhelgd and their latest release "Temple Of Phobos," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/vanhelgd.
Next up is the latest from Nashville, TN rockers Howling Giant with their new four-song EP titled "Black Hole Space Wizard, Part 1." This new release has a great progressive rock sound as their music does not overpower you, but as they say in the lyrics of "Mothership," "You need to open up your mind." Their tunes are filled with riffs and have a nostalgic metal sound as featured in "Exodus Earth." The album closes with the classic seventies prog-rock feel of "Clouds Of Smoke." To find out more about Howling Giant and their latest release "Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/howlinggiant.
Arriving this August is the latest release from TMHM (formerly The Man and His Machine) titled "Stage Names." It features eight-hardcore metal anthems that will definitely rattle your brain. They come right out with the pounding rhythm and screaming vocals of "Bad Luck In Belleville." The chanting chorus "18oz" and the punk-like fury of "Threadcounts" displays the quick bursts of energy that will shake your speakers. The album finishes with the Black Flag-like sound of "Better Half" and the shout-along chorus "Good Luck In Gracetown." To find out more about TMHM and their latest release "Stage Names," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/themanandhismachine. 
We finish with one of England's premier folk/metal bands, Dark Forest and they will be unleashing their new career defining album, "Beyond The Veil" on August 26th through Cruz Del Sur Music. Their elements of folklore and medieval themes is the bases for this twelve-track packed album. Beginning with the seven-minute "On The Edge Of Twilight," you are instantly attracted to the band's musicianship as vocalist Josh Winnard leads you down the path of the storied lyrics. The quick pace of "Where The Arrow Falls" and the big rock delivery of "Blackthorn" displays an edginess to their music, while also an intricacy to their skills. The power of "The Wild Hunt" sums up the band's quest of heavy metal dominance as they put all their best into this song. To find out more from Dark Forest and their latest release "Beyond The Veil," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Darkforestuk.

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