Thursday, July 21, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In August From Mos Generator, The Company Corvette, Integrity, Detroying The Devoid & Friend Or Foe

Washington riff-rockers Mos Generator will be releasing their latest full-length album "Abyssinia" on August 5th. It features ten tracks of classic hard rock grooves that the band nail perfectly. Beginning with "Strangest Times," you are instantly injected with energy through the song's high-powered riffs and electrifying solo. The thunderous drums of "You've Got A Right" and the thick chugging rhythm of "Easy Evil" displays the band's early influences in their latest creations. They mix tempos for the prog-metal feel of "As Above So Below," before returning to their heavy metal side with the buzzing guitars and screaming vocals of "There's No Return From Nowhere." They finish their new release with the six-minute, Pink Floydian-feel of "Outlander." To find out more about Mos Generator and their latest release "Abyssinia," please visit their Facebook page at
Also arriving on August 5th is the new release titled "Never Enough" from the stoner-metal band The Company Corvette. Their new seven-song release begins with the grinding six-minutes of "Foot In Mouth" and the feedback-fueled grunge of "Devilwitch." They work the classic heavy doom metal groove into "Burn Out," before finishing with the eight-minute sonic trip of "Pigeon," where metal and grunge find a common ground to roam. To find out more about The Company Corvette and their latest release "Never Enough," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up is the 25th anniversary remaster of Integrity's debut album "Those Who Fear Tomorrow." It ranks as one of the best independent hardcore metal albums of all time and this remastered version makes the music feel timeless. This band from Cleveland, OH had the right sound at the right time as this album still resonates with fans. This new "anniversary" edition features a cleaner sound with more impact from the instruments. The booklet contains the original lyrics and also new liner notes. To find out more about this new edition of "Those Who Fear Tomorrow," please visit the band's Facebook page at
Two weeks later, on August 19th comes the full-length debut album from the progressive death metal band Destroying The Devoid. The new seven-track album titled "Paramnesia" begins with the intense six-minute sonic adventure of "Chasm Of Existence" as they take you on a journey of extreme progressive-metal. They speed things up with the aggressive attack of "The Endless Cycles Of Lunacy" and the title song "Paramnesia." The album finishes with the 21-minute, three part suite of "Beyond The Dark Veil" as the members of the band combine to deliver a classic piece of heavy metal music. To find out more about Destroying The Devoid and their latest release "Paramnesia," please visit their Facebook page at 
Richmond-based hardcore metal band Friend Or Foe will release their new five-song EP "Foe" on August 19th. Inspired by the NY hardcore punk scene, Friend Or Foe deliver a batch of hard-hitting, energetic songs that will make your head spin before you know what hit you. Beginning with "Foe Paid The Price" their sound has a nostalgic hardcore sound that makes each track a blast to listen to. To find out more about Friend Or Foe and their latest release "Foe," please visit their Facebook page at

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