Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Don DiLego, Kate Brown And Mercy

New from Velvet Elk Records is the latest release from singer/songwriter Don DiLego titled "Magnificent Ram A." It features ten tracks that were inspired by the sessions from his last studio album "Western & Atlantic," and were recorded in full takes on analog tape with all its imperfections keep in for authenticity. Beginning with "Karma King," Don invites you in with this Americana announcement. The acoustics of "A Wishful Poem" hark back to the early days of folk when the words expressed more meaning than the music. He delivers the pop tones of "I'm On Fire" with a loose, fun feel, while "Go Pack Your Suitcase" has a smooth, swinging blues-rhythm. The album finishes with the build-up, sing-along of "Don't Bury Me Alive" and the stark, intimacy of "Idiot Heart." To find out more about Don DiLego and his latest release Magnificent Ram A," please visit

Country singer/songwriter Kate Brown recently released her new album "Water From Ashes" on July 8th. The new six-song EP begins with the steady rocker "Cartwheel" as her vocal tone and delivery reminds us of Melissa Etheridge. She pours her emotions into the country acoustics of "Damned Ol' Jesus," then delivers the blues of "Come On" as her vocals soar. This short new release finishes with the angelic country/folk of "Troubled Man" and the inspirational gospel feel of "Weepin'." To find out more about Kate Brown and her latest release "Water From Ashes," please visit

From New York comes the debut album from Mercy simply titled "EP." It features only five songs, but her music and voice will leave a lasting impression. Beginning with "Ice Cream," Mercy has a sultry sound to her soft vocals among a jazzy backdrop. The music of "Love Dust" slinks on by, before the smokey club sound of "Lioness" fills the air. This short new release closes with the disco/dance vibe of "Evil Baby" as Mercy looks to expand her sound. To find out more about Mercy and her new "EP," please visit

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