Thursday, July 7, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Pete Kronowitt, Riley Etheridge Jr., My Girl The River & Carina Round

America is ready for something to change. Whether it happens with the arrival of a new president or with new technology, the people of this country are ready to embrace change and according to singer/songwriter Pete Kronowitt, a "Change Is Gonna Come." His latest album "A Lone Voice" features a dozen tracks that look to send out a political message on everything from gun control ("Got Guns?") to the heads of government ("Puppet Master") to equal rights for women ("Body, Choice & Mind"). His songwriting excels during the infectious ballad "You Are Here" and "Follow The Leader." The up-tempo acoustic rock of "She Gives" and the quietness of "Perfect Day" ends the album with an inspiring message of hope for change in the future. To find out more about Pete Kronowitt and his latest release "A Lone Voice," please visit

From New York City comes the latest release titled "Secrets, Hope & Waiting" from singer/songwriter Riley Etheridge Jr. It will be released this September and features ten songs that have a very intimate feel as you cozy up to Riley's words. Beginning with the slow country-blues of "Like A Fool," his vocals are smooth and warm as you feel invited into his group of friends hearing this music being produced live. The gentle acoustics of "The Moments Gone" draws out the emotions of the song's lyrics and "Do You Remember" give strength the subtlety of the music. The wonderful harmonies of "Hoping & Waiting" along with the soothing output of "Hush" allows the listener to just get lost in Riley's words. To find out more about Riley Etheridge Jr. and his latest release "Secrets, Hope & Waiting," please visit

British folk duo My Girl The River recently release their debut album "This Ain't No Fairytale." It features a dozen tracks of some of the most beautifully elegant songs, beginning with the gentle touch of "The Rabbit Hole." The two harmonize magically on the folk, build-up of "Woods Behind Our House," then lead singer Kris Wilkinson Hughes strengthens her vocals for the bluegrass appeal of "Come Back To Nashville." My Girl The River visits the blues with "Where I Belong" and "Giving Up On Giving Up On You," before finishing up the album with the up-beat country swing of "Bring It On Down" and the quiet intimacy of "The Last Song." To find out more about My Girl The River and their latest release "This Ain't No Fairytale," please visit

U.K. native Carina Round will be revisiting her back catalog with a collection of favorites from her 2001 to 2015 albums. Carina Round is also a member of the ambient, alternative rock band Puscifer with Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. Her new "greatest hits" album titled "Deranged To Divine" features eighteen tracks, sixteen from her past albums and two previously unreleased tracks that have been resurrected for this release. One of the new songs is "Gunshot" which has a slow, melodic country-vibe as her vocals easily steal your heart. The other new track is the post-punk energy of "Want More" as Carina shows us her rock side. One of the most well-known tracks on this new release is "For Everything A Reason," which was featured in the TV series "American Horror Story: Murder House." The haunting delivery of the music is enhanced by Carina's soft, angelic vocals. This set is the perfect place to start if you are just becoming a fan of Carina Round. To find out more about her new release "Deranged To Divine," please visit

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