Friday, July 1, 2016

CD Review: The Numero Group Boxed Up The Scientists In "A Placed Called Bad"

From Australia came one of the most influential punk bands of the late-seventies. Their name was The Scientists and they used the perfect formula to create some of the best, energetic songs, which became the missing link between punk and grunge music in the eighties.
On August 19th, The Numero Group will be releasing a 4CD box set titled "A Place Called Bad," which will gather all of the band's recordings together in one place. This new 80-song set includes all of the songs from their studio albums and a previously unreleased vintage live set during the band's heyday. The set also includes a 64-page book featuring new liner notes, band photos and a family tree. The Numero Group will also release a 2LP set which contains 22 of the band's classic tracks with a 24-page booklet. Songs like "Frantic Romantic" and "Pissed On Another Planet" solidified their punk roots, before The Scientists changed their tone to a more swamp rock feeling with songs like "Blood Red River" and "Set It On Fire." Their raw, grunge-like sound blasts through on "Nitro" and "Solid Gold Hell" as The Scientists go all out on the experimental "Human Jukebox." To find out more about this new box set from The Scientists, please visit

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