Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CD Review: Prog-Rock Legends Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt Team Up For "Knowledge" And Leon Alvarado Leaves The Future Behind

Legendary YES vocalist Jon Anderson recently teamed up with fellow progressive rock veteran Roine Stolt to create a new album titled "The Invention Of Knowledge." The two artists met while on the Progressive Nation at Sea Cruise back in 2014 and decided to craft some new music. While the two were "not aiming" to make a new YES record, it certainly points in that direction with Anderson's iconic vocals leading each song.

 The new nine-song release begins with with the trilogy "Invention of Knowledge" as Stolt's guitar lends itself to a more dominating role, in place of keyboards and synthesizers. As the first set of songs hits the 23-minute mark, you feel as if you were transported back to when progressive rock was blossoming in the seventies. The two tracks that are featured in "Knowing" will lift you away on a sonic journey, mixing tempos and delivering everything you would expect from these two premier progressive rock veterans. The next trilogy of songs make up the thirteen-minute suite "Everybody Heals" as the songs have a more approachable, mainstream feel, before closing the album with the gentle, sweeping rock of all eleven-minutes of "Know..." To find out more about about this new collaboration between Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/AndersonStolt.

Progressive rock keyboardist/composer Leon Alvarado did not even let his last concept album rest, before diving into his next project. On July 30th, Leon Alvarado will release his latest concept album "The Future Left Behind." Inspired by the work of of the classic rock band YES, Alvarado invited legends Rick Wakeman and Billy Sherwood to help out on this new album.

The new fourteen song release features dialog supplied by Canadian voice-over talent Steve Thamer, which gives the overall concept of an in-depth journey of earth and space. After a short "Preface," Alvarado slowly builds up the intensity of the "Launch Overture," which stars Wakeman on the Moog solo. Guitarist Billy Sherwood makes his presence known on "The Ones Left Behind" as he delivers the excitement to the song's overall soundscape. Alvarado paints the perfect picture with the sounds of "Among The Stars" and delivers emotion to "In Our Quiet Orbit." Guitarist Johnny Bruhns guests on the acoustic guitar for the out of place, but much welcomed gentle feel of "To Be Loved." The album closes with the up-tempo, Pink Floydian rock of "The Star Seekers." To find out more about Leon Alvarado and his latest release "The Future Left Behind," please visit facebook.com/Leonplaysmusic.

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