Wednesday, August 31, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Patrick Ames, Darling Cora And Jaxon

Singer/songwriter Patrick Ames will be releasing his second album this year with the arrival of "Standard Candles" on September 15th. It features only seven tracks, but Patrick pushes the boundaries of his songwriting with his amazing wordsmith talent. Beginning with "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore," the song carries a jazzy tone as Patrick's vocals lead the way. He tells the tales of technology in "Want To Believe," and adds a bit of atmosphere with the country tones of "In Nashville." The album wraps up with Patrick's poetry to his wife in "A Love You Can Store" and the Americana, clap-rhythm of "What Comes Out Of Your Mouth." To find out more about Patrick Ames and his latest release "Standard Candles," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Darling Cora recently released her debut album titled "Heart Strung Out." It features nine inspirational songs that focus on Darling Cora's talented vocals. Beginning with "Sugar," you get swept away with her soaring vocal runs, while "Yearn" is a gentle folk ballad that will put your worries at ease. The stark background of "Two Lovers" allows you to focus on her voice within this dark tale. The disco beat of "Charade" allows Darling Cora to open up and let her lyrics soar, before finishing with the folk/pop appeal of "Empire Of Yourself." To find out more about Darling Cora and her latest release "Heart Strung Out," please visit

LA-based singer/songwriter Jaxon recently released his debut album titled "Wildwest." The new six-song EP encompasses his experiences, being born in New Zealand, raised in Texas and finding his love for music in California as heard on the opening track "High Noon." The alt-pop sound of "Smith & Wesson" is very addictive as he adds an island vibe to the song's up-beat tempo. He plugs in to add some electric guitar to the dark, alternative-rock tones of "Wild West," before reverting back to the up-beat pop rhythm of "Red Velvet." The album closes with the build-up of "Black Gold" as more good music is expected from this new rising star. To find out more about Jaxon and his latest release "Wildwest," please visit his Facebook page at

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CD Review: New Prog-Rock Releases From Focus, Curved Air & Burnt Belief

The Dutch, progressive rock band Focus are mainly known for their single "Hocus Pocus," which cracked the top 10 on the U.S. charts. Since 2002, they have numbered their albums and their latest studio album is titled "Focus 8.5/Beyond The Horizon." It features seven instrumentals performed by the members of Focus, along with an all-star line-up of Brazilian musicians. Beginning with the 10-minute jazzy feel of "Focus Zero," the song is led by Thijs van Leer's undeniable flute work as each member of the band gets their moment to shine. The band digs deep into the Latin groove of "Hola, Como Estas?" as the choral voices in the song work together as another instrument. Focus also work that same idea of using their voices to create a rhythm at the close of "Talking Rhythms." They finish the album with the spiritually, uplifting, progressive rock/jazz fusion of "Surrexit Christus." Focus have half-a-dozen dates lined-up in the U.K. in October. For a complete list of live shows and to find out more about their new release "Focus 8.5/Beyond The Horizon," please visit

UK Progressive rock band Curved Air have been together, on and off, since 1970 and have been touring together consistently for the past 8 years. Their latest release titled "Tapestry Of Propositions" is special, since it only contains one song, with 15 variations of it. They combined the many different improvisations that have been created during live performances of the song "Propositions." Once lead vocalist, Sonja Kristina introduces the songs, you are then taken on a journey, showcasing some of the best live talent in the industry. The hour-long instrumental piece was compiled and produced by Curved Air's keyboardist Robert Norton. The flow of the music is seemless, as you'd only be able to hear different variations of the sound with headphones on. To find out more about this truly unique piece of music, please visit

The instrumental progressive rock band Burnt Belief recently released the third installment titled "Emergent" from their collaborative trilogy. The duo of Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) on bass and Jon Durant on guitar lead the way through the opener "The Bubble Bursts," while drummer Vinny Sabatino lends his superior talents to "More Snow." The trio take you on a sonic adventure with the nine-minute jazz-fusion of "Emergent," while "Until The Stars Go Out" explores the landscapes of sound as the subtle use of instruments showcase their effect. The new eight-song release finishes with the ten-minute prog-rock build up of "Turning Torso" led by Durant's amazing solos and the lighter, sweeping tones of "Ghost Aquatic." To find out more about Burnt Belief and their latest release "Emergent," please visit their Facebook page at

Monday, August 29, 2016

Concert Review: Prophets Of Rage Stopped At Mohegan Sun To "Make America Rage Again"

The politically-charged supergroup, Prophets of Rage are making their way across the U.S., spreading the word "Make America Rage Again." The band, consisting of members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, came together under the threat of a new, unworthy president. By not agreeing with either candidate, Prophet of Rage are trying to bring the power back to the people, which is exactly what happened last Sunday night at Mohegan Sun.

Just before 9pm, DJ Lord, from Public Enemy, took up residency behind his two turntables and a microphone, getting the audience to stand to Jimi Hendrix's version of the "Star Spangled Banner." Then for the next 15 minutes, DJ Lord would mix together songs from Beastie Boys and Run DMC to James Brown, Nirvana and Metallica to get the crowd pumped before an air raid siren signaled the arrival of Prophets of Rage.

As soon as they hit the stage, the energy was through the roof, beginning with their original song "Prophets Of Rage." As soon as the first notes of the Rage Against The Machine song, "Guerrilla Radio" were struck, the fans on the floor began jump turning it into a wild sea of people. Throughout the evening, Prophets Of Rage mixed in Public Enemy songs ("Miuzi Weighs A Ton") and Cypress Hill songs ("(Rock) Superstar"), along with the energy of Rage Against The Machine songs ("Take The Power Back" and "Testify").

 The hip-hop pinnacle of the evening came about when Chuck D from Public Enemy and B-Real from Cypress Hill went out into the audience reciting a medley of their most famous songs like "Insane In The Brain" and "Can't Trust It." B-Real would introduce "Calm Like A Bomb" as being performed for the first time on this tour, before guitarist Tom Morello paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen with his version of "Cathedral." 

The energized crowd shouted out the chorus of "Know Your Enemy," before Prophets of Rage went old-school with their cover of the Beastie Boys "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn." The place exploded with the two closing numbers, "Bulls On Parade" and "Killing In The Name" as fans seemed exhausted from the 100 minute set as they exited the arena. At one point during Tom Morello's solo, he flipped his guitar over to show a hand written sign readng "NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT" and with that statement, I hope that we can all "Make America Rage Again." 

Setlist: Prophets Of Rage, Guerrilla Radio, Bombtrack, Cochise/She Watch Channel Zero, People Of The Sun, Miuzi Weighs A Ton, Take The Power Back, (Rock) Superstar, Testify, Hip-Hop Medley (Hand On The Pump, Can't Trust It, Insane In The Brain, Bring The Noise, I Ain't Going Out Like That, Welcome To The Terrordome), Sleep Now In The Fire, Calm Like A Bomb, Bullet In The Head, Shut'em Down, Know Your Enemy, The Party's Over, No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn, Bulls On Parade, Killing In The Name

Sunday, August 28, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Director Tony Palmer Combines The Beatles & World War II In Iconic Film

One of the most eye-opening movies about World War 2 has been recently released on DVD to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary and it also features one of the greatest soundtracks of all-time. On July 15th, Gonzo Multimedia released "The Beatles And WWII" on DVD along with a 2CD soundtrack.

The movie is a mix of documentary footage and war movies made in Hollywood that covered the devastation of war beginning in 1939 with the rise of Adolf Hitler. The film covers every aspect of the war with some amazing footage that has never been released to the general public before. The only thing that softens the emotions of that terrible time in human history is the soundtrack of the music of The Beatles. Over 20 covers of songs from The Beatles appear in the movie to give background and solace to the images on the screen. As France is being overtaken by The Axis Powers, Henry Gross sings "Help!" and "A Day In The Life" performed by Frankie Valli becomes the soundtrack to the epic battle of Normandy.

While the original 1976 movie was an iconic piece of cinematic history, the soundtrack is just as iconic as it featured some of the biggest names in music performing some of the most popular songs of all time. Rock artists like Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Leo Sayer and Peter Gabriel take on Beatles' classics like "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," adding their own special touches to the songs. Female pop artists Helen Reddy, Tina Turner and Lynsey de Paul lead the march of the most important moments in the film with "Fool On The Hill," "Come Together" and "Because" respectively. Now included with this 40th anniversary release of "The Beatles and World War II" you get the entire 2CD soundtrack that features 22 cover versions of classic songs by The Beatles. To find out more about this new release, please visit

Saturday, August 27, 2016

CD Review: Kenny Neal Releases "Bloodline," Joey Stuckey Presents "Ladies Of The South" And On Dolphin Debuts In "Layers"

Coming straight off the release of his Christmas album, Kenny Neal dives right back into the blues with his latest release "Bloodline." This is a family affair as many members of Kenny Neal's family lend a hand on his new album. The new eleven-song release begins with the up-tempo "Ain't Gonna Let The Blues Die" with the nice addition of horns to give the song that extra swing. He gets down and dirty with the southern, backwater blues stroll of "Bloodline," and gracefully covers Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away." Neal lets his guitar do the talking on the funk-style of "Keep On Moving" and brings back the big blues romp of "Blues Mobile." The album closes with the laid-back acoustic blues of "I Can't Wait" and a tribute to his idol with "Thank You BB King." Kenny Neal is currently on the road, performing at the North River Blues Fest on August 28th before heading back to the west coast in September. To find out more about Kenny Neal and his latest release "Bloodline," please visit

Blind guitarist/producer, Joey Stuckey has gathered together a dozen special tracks for his latest compilation titled "Joey Stuckey Presents Ladies Of The South." It features an all-female line-up of singers that he has produced over the past 6 years. The new release begins with the Shadow Bandits featuring Sue Lu on the raw, intense rocker "What You See Ain't What You Get." Kim Meeks swings in with the jazzy feel of "Everybody's Pretty," while Vanessa Moses lays down a little Latin soul for the up-tempo "Danish Cookie Is My Name." These girls know how to rock as displayed within the punk-feel of "Lonely Boulevard" by Katherine Daniel and the album closer "Johnny 9" from TATB featuring Rachel Elkins. To find out more about this new compilation, please visit

The Bay Area, husband and wife duo of Melissa Lyn and Ryan Clark have come together under the name On Dolphin to release their debut album titled "Layers." After years of acoustic gigs in local coffee shops and cafes, Melissa had higher aspirations and Ryan was building his record business and the timing was perfect for them to collaborate on this new album. Beginning with "More Good Days," the album starts off with these wonderfully, gentle pop sounds, before diving into Melissa's exquisite song-writing with "Dance In The Kitchen" and "Worth The Drive."  Her warming vocals during "New York" will have you following her every word, before bringing out the country tones of "Together." The album finishes with the acoustic folk delivery of "Slowdown" and the lullaby feel of "Let A Little Light." To find out more about On Dolphin and their latest release "Layers," please visit

Friday, August 26, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From X-Method, Iron Fire And Xaon

First up from the Bay Area comes the debut full-length album titled "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music" from the hardcore metal thrash band X-Method. Their new sixteen-song release has a mature heavy-metal sound displayed in their opener "Denied What's Ours" and then elevates your senses with "Drink From The Horn" as the rhythm will get your blood pumping. X-Method show their softer side with the acoustic-based "Waiting 4 The Rain" and the power ballad "Addicted." They pick the energy back up with the double-kick drum thrash attack of "Triangles And Sixes" and lock into the hardcore west coast metal groove of "Southern Comfort." Their new album finishes with the screams of "Silver On My Back" and the Spanish-language metal track "No Tey Vayas." To find out more about X-Method and their latest release "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music," please visit

Next up is the new release from the power metal band from Denmark named Iron Fire. Their latest album titled "Among The Dead," is a throwback to the heavy metal sound of the 1990's. Beginning with the title-song "Among The Dead," Iron Fist are your battle cry against the living dead during a zombie-apocalypse. The music will get your head banging as they pick up the pace with the machine gun-like drumming and electrifying guitar solo of "Tornado Of Sickness." The cries of the "Iron Eagle" and the story of "The Last Survivor" along with melodic hooks and thunderous rhythms showcase the best of what Iron Fire have to offer. To find out more about Iron Fire and their latest release "Among The Dead," please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut release from Swiss death metal band Xaon titled "Face Of Balaam." The album features only five tracks and will be released in October. Beginning with "How We Become Ephemeral Birds," their melodies and aggressive pace are a fresh breath air amongst the newness in the death metal genre. They explode with the thunderous delivery of "Discrowned" and keep the energy flowing with the screams of "The Soulcleaner," before closing with the progressive metal appeal of "Veins Like Burned Trees." To find out more about Xaon and their latest release "Face Of Balaam," please visit

Thursday, August 25, 2016

CD Review: Strange Daze "Shine Through" On New Release And Essential End Introduces "Deadwood"

American hard rock band Strange Daze will be releasing their Pavement Entertainment debut album "Shine Through" on September 2nd. Produced by .38 Special keyboardist Bobby Capps (with help from 3 Doors Down's Chris Henderson and Brian Johnson), it features a dozen tracks of great, truthful, straight-up rock. Beginning with "Satellite Soul," you feel the maturity in the band's songwriting as they blow the doors off with this opening track. The turn it up a notch with the energy of "Need You Here" as their guitars blaze a trail to the top. They slow the tempo down for the power ballad "Beautiful," before they come roaring back with the feel good anthem "Your Love" and the exciting, sing-along chorus of "Another Day." The album finishes with the intense, hard rock delivery of "I" and the emotions of "Home." To find out more about Strange Daze and their latest release "Shine Through," please visit their Facebook page at

From York, PA arrives the debut EP from heavy metal band Essential End. The new release titled "Deadwood" features only four tracks, but delivers a huge impact on mainstream metal music. The opener "Essential End" has a great metal groove, with a mixture of hardcore and nu-metal to make them more appealing to a wider heavy metal audience. They draw upon the classic hard rock groove the late eighties with "Pain," before closing their short new release with the intense, hardcore screams of "Wasted Time." To find out more about Essential End and their latest release "Deadwood," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CD Review: Newcomers Necromancing The Stone And No Victory Release New Heavy Metal Albums

Arriving August 5th was the debut album titled "Jewel Of The Vile" from newcomers Necromancing The Stone. The name may be new, but the members of the band have all performed in other heavy metal bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Brimstone Coven. The new crushing, eleven-song release begins with the blazing speed of "Crusher" as the dual guitars of James Malone and Justin Wood pave the way for "Big" John Williams' stellar vocals. Drummer Jeramine King and bassist Ryan Williams motor through the thunderous rhythm of "The Descent" and keep the adrenaline pumping for the intense delivery of metal for "The Siren's Call." Necromancing The Stone showcase a progressive metal feel to "Ritualistic Demise" and then continue with the hardcore thrash metal of "Unfinished Business," before closing their new album with the seven-minute metal journey of "Honor Thy Prophet" and the high-powered energy of "The Battle Of Morningstar." To find out more about Necromancing The Stone and their latest release "Jewel Of The Vile," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Gary, Indiana comes the latest release titled "Time To Die" from heavy metal band, No Victory. It is their debut album with their latest record label, Unbeaten Records and features nine hardcore, head-bashing riffs. Beginning with the raw, thunderous rhythm of "The Enemies Remain," No Vicotry follows no rules of song structures and just delivers the energy as displayed in "Where We Go To Bleed." They dig deep for the dark tones of "The Fall Of Man" and rally the troops with the battle cry screams of "Time To Die." The album finishes with the quick pace of "Eternal Refrain Of Humanity" and the epic delivery of "God Has Failed Us." To find out more about No Victory and their latest release "Time To Die," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CD Review: "Science Agrees" That D.A.R.K. Is A Top-Notch Collaborative Effort

One of the latest collaborations to take fruition is the band D.A.R.K., which features Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and producer/songwriter Ole Koretcky. Their new album titled "Science Agrees" will be released on September 9th through Cooking Vinyl. The combination of the three members have sold over 40 million albums worldwide as they look to expand their sounds outside to what their fans have expected of them.

The new ten-song release begins with clash of hard rock guitar and electronic beats as DJ Ole Koretsky lends his expertise to the opening song "Curvy." Dolores O'Riordan's iconic vocals work perfectly against Andy Rourke's deeper tones. The gentle sweeping soundscape of "Chynamite" and the pulsating rhythm of "Gunfight" plays perfectly on each of their strengths, producing this new addictive sound. The retro-pop tones of "High Fashion" draws you in with its simplicity, while "Watch Out I'm Bleeding" places them in a more familiar, alternative pop genre. The album closes with the club remix feel of "Underwater" and the steady rhythm of "Loosen The Noose" as O'Riordan and Rourke play the perfect game of give and take with the song's lyrics. To find out more about D.A.R.K. and their latest release "Science Agrees," please visit

Monday, August 22, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Blues Singer/Songwriters Brutha White And Russell Morris

The well-traveled bluesman, Brutha White trecently released his latest album titled "Solitaire Man Blues." He's performed alongside such esteemed hip-hop acts as Wu-Tang Clan and Digital Underground. Brutha White combines the truth of the blues with the spirited rhythm of rap to create an exciting new clash of the two genres. Beginning with the rockabilly flavor of "Chasing Jane," Brutha begins to warm up, leading you into the big beats of "PO Folks." He slows the tempo down for the classic blues feel of "My House" and then gets funky with the groove of "My Ole Lady." His soulful vocals become the main focus of "Song To Myself," before closing his new album with the jazzy acoustics of "Simplify That" and the slide-guitar of "On My Own." To find out more about Brutha White and his latest release "Solitaire Man Blues," please visit

From Australia comes the latest album titled "Sharkmouth" from blues singer/songwriter Russell Morris. His latest ten-song release was inspired by the Australian depression era con-man Thomas "Shark Jaws" Archer, as Morris draws upon his influences to create some outstanding roots blues music. Beginning with "Black Dog Blues," the acoustic guitar locks into a groove as Morris' vocals climb the musical ladder, peeling off blues licks at every opportunity. He draws in a gospel tone for "The Big House" and brings in a little funk for "Bout To Break." He pick the tempo up with the rockabilly swing of "Walk My Blues," before slowing back down for the groveling vocals of "The Drifter." The album finishes with the Americana/roots feel of "The Bridge" and the nostalgic blues feel of "Money Don't Grow On Trees." To find out more about Russell Morris and his latest release "Sharkmouth," please visit

Sunday, August 21, 2016

CD Review: Bobby Rush Still Delivers His Swagger On "Porcupine Meat"

At 82 years old, Bobby Rush will be releasing his 26th studio album titled "Porcupine Meat" on September 16 through Rounder Records. It's his first release on his new record label and features a load of special guests. He continues to perform live, playing almost 200 shows a year and has received a load of accolades, including winning three Grammys and being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

His new twelve song release begins with funky blues riff of "Don't Want Nobody Hanging Around" and seventies R&B style of "Porcupine Meat" featuring guest guitarist Vasti Jackson. He slows the tempo down for the seven-minute, storied blues of "Got Me Accused," before inviting guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa to help out on the smooth grooves of "Me, Myself And I." He brings in the flavor of New Orleans (where the album was recorded) to "Catfish Stew" and gets energized by the excellent guitar work of Dave Alvin on "It's Your Move" and Keb' Mo on "Nighttime Gardener." The album closes with the funk-fueled "Standing On Shaky Ground" and the raw, backwater blues of "I'm Tired."

Bobby Rush has over a dozen shows on his tour schedule, including a number of blues festivals. For a complete list of his live dates and to find out more about his new album "Porcupine Meat," please visit

Saturday, August 20, 2016

CD Review: Discover The Earliest Recordings Of The Beach Boys With This New Release

The Beach Boys captured the hearts of teenagers with their first album "Surfin' Safari" back in 1962. The combination of their perfect harmonies and bright, fun lyrics made life seem better along the California coast and for over 50 years, fans have analyzed their music. Now for the first time, fans can go back to the beginning with the newly assembled compilation "Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions." It will be released on August 26 through Omnivore Recordings and it features the progression from demo to master of nine of the earliest recordings from The Beach Boys.

This new 62-song compilation features 40 never-released versions of some of The Beach Boys most well-known hits, including "Surfin'," "Surfin' Safari" and "Surfer Girl."  The casual listener may get bored hearing the same song performed 8 or 9 times, but die-hard fans will be able to analyze each take of the rare gems like "Lavender" and "Judy." It's amazing to hear how complete the songs are after only one take.

Many of these takes have not been heard for 55 years since they were for recorded in the studio and produced by Hite Morgan. The songs "Barbie" and "What Is A Young Girl Made Of" are credited to Kenny And The Cadets, which included Val Poliuto and Audree Wilson along with Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Al Jardine. While you made know this songs and have heard them your entire life, listening to the development of these tracks gives you a different input into the creative process behind the early days of one of the biggest bands in the world, The Beach Boys. To find out more about this newly released compilation from Omnivore Recordings, please visit

Friday, August 19, 2016

CD Review: Indie-Rock Artists Pay Tribute To Black Oak Arkansas With New "Mutants Of The Monster" Release

Southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas has been laying down their classic swamp rock groove for over four decades. The band has featured over sixty different members and has charted their albums over a dozen times on the Billboard Album Charts. On September 19th, Saustex Records has gathered together 17 of the top Black Oak Arkansas covers songs for the new compilation titled "Mutants Of The Monster." 
Starting things off is Nashville Pussy's singer/guitarist Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys blazing a trail with "Hey Y'all." Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) helps inject raw emotion into the up-tempo storied rocker, "Uncle Lijiah" and Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers) puts his spin on the 1971 classic "Hot And Nasty." Original Black Oak Arkansas guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds displays his guitar skills on the instrumental "When Electricity Came To Arkansas" with help from Jeff Clayton (Antiseen) and Greg Ginn (Black Flag), while original singer, Jim "Dandy" Mangrum returns for "Fever In My Mind." Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate) adds his horror-like vocals to "Mutants Of The Monster" and BOA guitarist Jimmy "Soybean" Henderson is featured in the emotional southern rock ballad "Strong Enough To Be Gentle." The album closes with a punk-like version of the band's most popular hit "Jim Dandy" performed by Jello Biafra and Ruter Suys and the sing-along chorus of "Keep The Faith" delivered by The Kentucky Bridgeburners. To find out more about "Mutants Of The Monster: A Tribute TO Black Oak Arkansas," please visit

Thursday, August 18, 2016

CD Review: Brian Posehn Brings Out His Comic Insanity, While Henry Phillips Is "Neither Here Nor There"

The multi-talented Brian Posehn is an actor, musician, writer and comedian. He will be releasing his latest album titled "Criminally Posehn" on September 23rd and he is performing live for three shows (August 18, 19, 20) this weekend at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. He will also be making an appearance at TerrifiCon, which will also be at Mohegan Sun this weekend (August 19, 20, 21).

His new live, stand-up album features ten tracks, plus a heavy metal intro and outro. His comedy is raunchy, straight-forward, but not for the faint of heart. He covers everything from being kicked out of strip clubs to smoking pot again to hating "Man Boobs" and more. At just under an hour, you can't help but want more after blurting out laughs at some of the most insane stories. His new album will be released on Audible Channels on August 19th, a month earlier than the general release and it includes the bonus exclusive "Best Dinner Ever." Posehn closes his show with his opinion of past "Serial Killers" and about his 5 year old son being nude all the time. To find out more about Brian Posehn and his latest release "Criminally Posehn," please visit

Also new on the comedy front is the latest album from Henry Phillips, who has recently written, directed and starred in, along with Sarah Silverman, the movie "Punching The Clown." His new album will be released on August 19th and there will be a video release of that comedy special available on Vimeo on August 15th. Henry begins his set describing how hard it is to meet new people, especially girls and how they say things to him that come out incorrectly. He gets into the music portion of his show with "Guitar Pill," which sounds like he made it up on the spot about being a great guitar player. He tells us his opinion on the "End Of The World" and works in a James Taylor moment. He sings about his "Favorite Jew" with Mark Cohen and brings up Andrey Tess to the stage to sing the story of "Duet." Henry's new fifteen song release closes with "I'm In Minneapolis (You're In Hollywood)," a song about how careers can take different turns. To find out more about Henry Phillips and his latest release "Neither Here Nor There," please visit

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On The Record - Music: The Melvins' Buzz Osborne Gives Us His Opinion On A Number Of Topics

Buzz Osborne of The Melvins talks with us about how he feels about a college education, about recording their new album "Basses Loaded" and about their new career retrospective documentary "The Colossus Of Destiny." He also discusses performing live and about their upcoming show at The Ballroom at the Outer Space on August 28th.

CD Review: Ian Thomas Lives His "Life In Song" While Monkey House Goes "Left" With New Release

Canadian singer/songwriter Ian Thomas looks back at his catalog with the newly released album "A Life In Song." It features newly recorded versions of some of Thomas' most well-known songs like "Painted Ladies" and "The Runner." The new album was recorded with the 70+ member Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. 
The new twelve-song release showcases Ian Thomas' maturity as he delivers his iconic songs in a different light as in "To Comfort You" and "Little Dreams." The release also contains a brand-new song, the gentle, lush delivery of "So Cold In The City" as Thomas comes to terms with mortality. Thomas breathes new life into "Hold On," which became a hit in 1982 for Santana and also "Right Before Your Eyes," which was a hit in 1983 for America. The album finishes with the orchestra coming through on the big, exciting delivery of "Pilot" and the adult pop tones of "Long Long Way." To find out more about Ian Thomas and his latest release "A Life In Song," please visit 
Jazz/Pop Fusion band Monkey House is celebrating the release of their new album "Left" with top ten debuts on the U.S. and Canadian iTunes Jazz charts. The new album was arranged by Monkey House brainchild Don Breithaupt and used Steely Dan's "Aja" and "Gaucho" albums for the blueprints of this new release. 
Beginning with "My Top 10 List," Monkey House locks into a jazz/funk groove that sets the tone for the rest of the album. They continue with the high-powered energy of "When The Kid Comes Home" and "Tango By Yourself" that will have you moving. Sandwiched in the middle is the smooth tones of "It's Already Dark In New York" that allows you to relax your mind. Don's vocals shine on "Maybe None Of This Would Have Happened," before finishing with the horn-filled swing of "Death By Improvement" and the blues/jazz of "The Art OF Starting Over." To find out more about Monkey House and their latest release "Left," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CD Review: Cherry Red Records Revisits Classic Albums From Arjen Anthony Lucassen And Gunhill

Dutch progressive rock legend Arjen Anthony Lucassen recently re-released his out-of-print album, "Strange Hobby" on July 15 through Cherry Red Records. The album was originally released ten years ago with no artist attached to the album and has become a collector's item over the last decade. The new 22-song release features cover songs originally performed by such esteemed artists as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Kinks and others from the sixties heyday. The psychedelic tones of "Arnold Layne" and "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" are perfectly portrayed by Lucassen. He turns "Boris The Spider" into hard rock gold and has fun turning Bob Dylan's "I Want You" into a punk-like anthem. The new re-release of the album includes four bonus tracks, "Pretty Girls," "In The Room Of Percussion," "Last Train To Clarksville" and "Ruby Tuesday." To find out more about Arjen Anthony Lucassen's "Strange Hobby," please visit

U.K. band Gun Hill received quite a following around the London area in the mid-90's and featured lead singer John Lawton from Uriah Heep. They took their successful stage show into the studio, performing a mix of covers and originals. The band's second album "Nightheat" quickly vanished from record racks and their fan club only cassette "One Over The Eight," has never been released on CD, until now. On July 15th, Cherry Red Records released the 2CD set "Nightheat/One Over The Eight" for fans of Gun Hill. Both discs feature the original releases along with bonus tracks to make this the ultimate Gun Hill release. Even the remaster process was personally overseen by John Lawton. To find out more about the new Gun Hill release of "Nightheat/One Over The Eight," please visit

Monday, August 15, 2016

CD Review: New Children's Music Arriving From The Laurie Berkner Band, Sara Lovell And Andrew & Polly

Famed children's artist, The Laurie Berkner Band will be releasing their first album of new materiel in over eight years. The new release titled "Superhero" features 21-tracks that showcase how timeless Laurie Berkner's music is. Beginning with the title-song "Superhero," Berkner keeps the beat simple and exciting, as kids will quickly attach themselves to these new songs. Her fun, storied lyrics are unforgettable as in "Tallulah Jones" and Ziggy Marley pops in to lend a hand to the reggae rhythm of "My My Marisol." The Laurie Berkner Band help deliver a classical feel to "Tea Party" and Berkner always takes advantage of teaching kids through music, as with "Face To Face."  The band keeps the energy high with the change-up of tempos in "Juniper Square" and Berkner's daughter Lucy Mueller lends her vocals to the storied fun of "Elephant In There." The album closes with the positive message of "Yes!" as the island rhythm will make you move your feet. The new album "Superhero" will be available on September 23rd through Two Tomatoes Records. To find out more about The Laurie Berkner Band, please visit
Children's music artist Sara Lovell will be releasing her fourth studio album titled "You've Got Me" on September 16th. Her new 18-song release follows the day in the life of child, beginning with the wonderful harmonies of "We Get Up In The Morning." The lack of patience in children is displayed in the fun lyrics of "I Can't Wait," and "Run Fast Little Rabbit" is a folk gem with Sara's soft, warming vocals. She teaches with her lyrics for "Everybody Has A Body" as the music's island vibe keeps the mood light, while also showing she can convey a fun-time scariness with the jazzy tones of "Tell Me Who's The Monster." As the album winds down, Sara Lovell bring out the fun of "Pajama Party" and "Off To Bed We Go," before closing with the bedtime prayer of "Night Night Golden Sun." To find out more about Sara Lovell and her latest release "You've Got Me," please visit
The podcast duo of Andrew and Polly are ready to release a brand new children's album titled "Ear Snacks: Songs From The Podcast." It features a selection of music taken from their podcasts from their first season. The new sixteen-track release begins with the up-beat tempo of "Dancing Pants." The duo have fun with "Grapes" and perform "Tiny Dino" with thoughts of a cartoon theme song done as a premier folk-rock band. They send out reminders to parents to "don't forget to open up your mail" in the song "Mail!" and pay homage to hats with "Everybody Hat Hat." Their new release finishes with the sing-along chorus of "Expo Line" and pop beats of "Why Is Fruit Fruit?" To find out more about Andrew and Polly and their new release "Ear Snacks: Songs From The Podcast," please visit

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Book Review: Find Out How Bruce Springsteen Became "The Boss" With New Illustrated History Release

Bruce Springsteen is known throughout the musical world as "The Boss." His lyrics have become the battle cry for the working man and his music has inspired generations to speak their minds and be free. Bruce Springsteen did not do it with his music alone, his look and his image played just as an important part of his career as his music. On July 22nd, Voyageur Press released a new hardcover book titled "BOSS: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - The Illustrated History." It follows Springsteen from his early days as a solo artist in Asbury Park to lighting up America during one of its darkest moments in history.

This new 200+ page book was authored by Gillian G. Gear, who also authored "The Doors: The Illustrated History" and contributed to "Nirvana: The Complete Illustrated History." She does a great job gathering all the facts from Springsteen's life and sorting them out in a complete, intelligent story about his rise to fame. As each chapter is dedicated to a monumental part of the career of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, each studio album is also represented with its own write up. As you read the analysis of each album, you are given insight into the meanings behind the songs and to the flow of the album.

The book describes in detail how Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" album turned them from a local east coast phenomenon, into a global juggernaut. Their live shows were legendary and beginning with the album, "The River," Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were masters of studio and the stage, delivering sold-out shows everywhere they played.

"BOSS" also dives into Springsteen's personal life with his marriage and then divorce to Julianne Phillips and finding love again with Patti Scialfia. The book also dives into Springsteen's solo career, without the E Street Band. Riding a creative high with the albums "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town," Bruce Springsteen's music always had a home in the hearts of the American people, because that's who he wrote and sang for.

After the attacks on September 11, 2001; Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were the guiding musical light for the country to heal. His album "The Rising" gave strength back to a devastated country and since then, he has continued to bring his music to his fans, touring non-stop for the past 20 years.

Flipping through the pages, you will notice the hundreds of rare and unpublished photos of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. As well as some live memorabilia and rare press photos. The story within "BOSS: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - The Illustrated History" brings us right to the release of "The Ties That Bind: The River Collection" at the end of 2015. For those that may not know the entire story behind "the man" and "the band," this is the perfect place to start. To find out more, please visit

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vinyl Review: In Honor Of Prince "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Live" Rolls Out In Purple Vinyl

Time Life has done an exceptional job presenting the one of kind music that has been produced during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, by releasing CDs and DVDs of some of the greatest performances. Back in April, ​Time Life released "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Live - Volume 1" on vinyl and immediately sold out and it rose to #13 on the Billboard Vinyl Chart. Now on August 12, Time Life will re-issue this highly collectable, vinyl-only release, pressed in 180-gram, purple vinyl to honor the passing of Prince.

The ten-songs that make up this release cover the greatest performances to ever grace the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame stage. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band back up the legendary Chuck Berry on "Johnny B. Goode," before performing their own "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out." Heavy metal band, Metallica close out side one with the one-of-kind performance of the Black Sabbath classic "Iron Man."

Side two is highlighted by the re-formation of Cream performing "Sunshine Of Your Love" and the collaboration of Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen on the Rolling Stones' hit "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." The one performance that makes this a must have for music fans is the amazing, jaw-dropping performance of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." It brings together some of Harrison's best friends (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Steve Winwood) along with his son, Dhani Harrison to perform this Beatles classic, but the newly inducted Prince would steal the spotlight with his amazing three-minute guitar solo. The video of this iconic performance is available for the first time to purchase from iTunes ( To purchase this beautiful piece of vinyl, please visit Barnes & Noble ( and well as other music vendors. For more information, please visit

Friday, August 12, 2016

CD Review: New Jazz "Meditations" From Fertainish And Kirk Starkey Brings Us To "Sudbury"

Experimental jazz artist Fertanish recently released his latest musical piece titled "Meditations On Ice And Plastic (Soundtrack)." It features six different parts, with each part running no less that thirteen-minutes long. Each part leads into the next and should be listened to in one complete seating in order to appreciate the changes in mood. The atmospheric sounds were simple created using the manipulation of wine glasses with a violin bow and xylophone mallets. The video that accompanies this release can be found on Youtube and "reflects over 50 months of labor, held for release until the accompanying music could be perfected for its chaotic yet peaceful decomposition." Not many artists perfect their art with this kind of patience and should be appreciated for what they deliver. To find out more about Fertanish and his latest release "Meditations Of Ice And Plastic," please visit

From Canada comes the latest release from jazz artist Kirk Starkey titled "Songs Of Sudbury." His newest album reflects the memories of his childhood, growing up in Sudbury, along with the loss of his brother and re-connecting with that part of his life that has been long forgotten. Kirk performs the album using a 1775 "ex-Otto" cello which was borrowed from Hildegard Battista. Beginning with "El Dorado," you can hear the warmness in this antique, classical instrument as Kirk controls it with precision and grace. He delivers the music beautifully as heard in "Revisionism" and "Moonlight Beach." Kirk implements the energy of "Run Trip Hide," before closing with the grand, almost operatic feel of "O Magnum Mysterium." To find out more about Kirk Starkey and his latest release "Songs Of Sudbury," please visit

Thursday, August 11, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Hood Smoke, Don Gallardo, Katie Burden And Babygirl

From Chicago comes the latest release from Hood Smoke titled "Rough Around The Hedges." It features ten tracks that infuses soul into a classic seventies rock sound, beginning with the smooth funk grooves of "Time To Move On." Singer Sarah Marie Young lays down some warm, sultry vocals for the laid-back tones of "Jade Lights" and "Stained Glass Saint," before the band picks up the rhythm for the classic rock appeal of "Loaded Situation." The album finishes with the soft rock delivery of "Hiding" and the deep R&B groove of "Tell That Some." To find out more about Hood Smoke and their latest release "Rough Around The Hedges," please visit

From Nashville, TN comes the latest release titled "Hickory" from singer/songwriter Don Gallardo. The album was released back in July through Don's own label, Southern Carousel Records. It features thirteen-tracks, beginning with the gentle country/folk sway of "Down In The Valley." The steady flow of "Diamond & Gold" and the Americana sound of "Carousel" has Don's sound nestled directly into the flow of roots music. The steady rhythm of the "Banks Of The Mississippi" showcases Don's talent for portraying great emotions with his storied words. The tempo picks up for the steady country flow of "The North Dakota Blues" and a dance of the two-step is in order for the country strumming of "Angel On The Dance Floor." The album finishes with the jazzy swing of "Will We Ever Get It Right" and the southern blues of "Pearls." Don Gallardo has about half a dozen shows lined-up for the next few months. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about his latest release "Hickory," please visit

Arriving September 16th is the full-length debut album from Katie Burden titled "Strange Moon." After beginning her career as a back-up singer, it did not take long before she released her first EP titled "My Blind Eye." Her new ten-song release begins with the atmospheric build-up of "Don't Ask" as the alt-pop rhythm and new wave vocals come together perfectly to draw you in for the grunge-like pop of "Run For Your Life." She draws up similarities of Florence & The Machine with "I Can See It Clear," then takes you on a sonic journey with the emotions of "Cut The Wire." Her band sets the stage for the dark, moody tones of the titled song "Strange Moon," before closing with the bluesy feel of "Too Good For Love" and the stark, haunting uplifting tones of "Coffee." To find out more about Katie Burden and her latest release "Strange Moon," please visit  

The duo of Kristen Clark and Cameron Breithaupt are known as Babygirl and recently release their new four-song EP titled "As You Wish." It begins with the raw alternative pop/rock appeal of "It's Getting Late," before settling into their single "Overboard," which has very nineties, New Wave sound. The short new release closes with Kristen's soft vocals easing your worries with "Unwant You." To find out more about Babygirl and their latest release "As You Wish," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CD Review: Spend "Friday Night With Gary Wilson" And Revisit Krautrock With The Guru Guru Groove Band

Experimental electronic musician Gary Wilson returns with a brand new studio album titled "It's Friday Night With Gary Wilson." It was released on July 15 through Cleopatra Records and co-insides with the release of a very rare live album from Gary Wilson's first band, Lord Fuzz. The new studio album from Gary Wilson follows hot on the heels of his album from last year, "Alone With Gary Wilson," which received huge praise from critics.

The new fourteen-song release begins with with the 40-second sound clash of "A Tree Cries In The Wind," before we get to the new wave funk of "I Want To Hold Your Hand Tonight." His mono-tone vocals, and experimental sound draws similarities to Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Inventions with songs like "I'm Going To Take You To A Thousand Dreams" and "Like A Scene From A Movie Long Ago." He brings together the sound of seventies soft rock in the song "Linda," before closing his album with the eighties rock feel of "I'll Make You My Dream Girl" and the dance/funk instrumental "Sometimes I Cry Late At Night." To find out more about Gary Wilson and his latest release "It's Friday Night With Gary Wilson," please visit

Krautrock is defined as the experimental style of rock music associated with German bands in the 1970's. Some of the more well-known bands of this genre include Faust, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, but a newly discovered recording may define where Krautrock all started. Purple Pyramid, in association with Cleopatra Records, recently released this new recording from the German band, Guru Guru Groove Band titled "The Birth Of Krautrock 1969," which features members Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte. The new eight-song release is a free-style jazz/rock fusion using everything and anything that was at their disposal. The first five songs are titled "Mescalito A-E" and the only way to fully appreciate the recording is through headphones. Try to place every sound is just as fun as hearing how the band uses it instrumentation. The album closes with a sixteen-minute live version of "Space Ships," which is guaranteed to take you on a sonic journey. To find out more about their newly release gem from the Guru Guru Groove Band, please visit

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On The Record - Music: The Sheri Puorto Band Performing 4 Shows In Connecticut This Week

Shari Puoro, lead singer of the Shari Puorto Band, sits down and talks with us about being able to return to Connecticut to perform live. She also talks about her musical influences and she throws around ideas for a live album.

CD Review: New Music From The Jonathan Fox Band, Loser's Way Home And We Banjo 3

Austin, TX native Jonathan Fox recently released his sophomore album "Loverlust" back in July with the Jonathan Fox Band. It features a dozen tracks mixing together country, rock, roots music with hook-filled arrangements and storytelling lyrics. Beginning with "Something New," he gets things going with this alternative country rocker. Then he showcases his guitar skills on the electrifying "Why Don't You Feel The Same?" and returns to the country acoustics of "Jumping Off Cliffs." One of the band's latest singles, "Play It Cool" draws similarities to Ryan Adams & The Cardinals as the Jonathan Fox Band are tight in their country-rock delivery. The band's other current single "Family & Friends (Hurt & Make Up)" leads the way to the second half of of the album which carries an acoustic vibe, as heard in the forthcoming folk-style of "Inside Out" and "Stay." The album closes with the peaceful delivery of "Around The Corner" as Jonathan displays his amazing songwriting talents. To find out more from the Jonathan Fox Band and their latest release "Loverlust," please visit

Also just arriving is the latest from Americana band Loser's Way Home with their new release "Love Songs For The Rest Of Us." It was released back in July and features five tracks of nostalgic, feel good roots music, beginning with the steady flow of "In The Shadows Of Love." The wonderful harmonizing of "Love You Found Me," draws similarities to The Avett Brothers as Loser's Way Home creep their way into your heart. The short new EP closes with the band's latest single, "Point Of No Return," which has that perfect balance between what's mainstream for Americana music and their own folk-style. To find out more about Loser's Way Home and their latest release "Love Songs For The Rest Of Us," please visit

From Ireland comes the latest release, "String Theory" from the Americana/Bluegrass band We Banjo 3. This four-piece band is made up of two set of brothers and their music makes you feel like your part of the family. The new twelve-song release begins with "This Is Home" as We Banjo 3 showcase their exceptional songwriting, inviting you into their musical world. They put the meaning behind their name with the banjo-lead instrumental "Good Time Old Time" and pick the tempo up with the infectious, knee-slapping "Happiness." Grammy award winner Alison Brown lends her wonderful vocal talents on the sweet sounds of "Ain't Nobody Else," before igniting the blazing instrumental "Kentucky Grind." The album closes with the quiet, gentle tones of "Crann Na Beatha (Tree Of Life)" and the build-up of "Chair Snappers' Delight" as We Banjo 3 leave you with that warm, good-hearted feeling of what they do best. To find out more about We Banjo 3 and their latest release "String Theory," please visit

Monday, August 8, 2016

On The Record - Music: Virginia-Based Band, The Duskwhales Perform August 10 At Cafe Nine

On this latest episode, we sit down with the members of The Duskwhales as they give us some insight into their new, soon to be released, album. They tell us about life on the road, performing 24 shows in 25 days and touring the east coast in a mini-van.

CD Review: Amos Lee Unleashes His "Spirit" On His Latest Release

American singer/songwriter Amos Lee will be releasing his sixth studio album on August 19th through John Varvatos Records in association with Republic Records. The new release titled "Spirit" is the first album that Lee produced himself as he looks to recapture the spirit of his 2011 #1 selling album "Mission Bell."

The new thirteen-song release begins with lush jazz piano tones of "New Love," before the gospel sounds of "Running Out Of Time" will lift your spirits. Amos Lee's outstanding songwriting is felt in the soulful delivery of the title-song "Spirit" and the inspiration of Stevie Wonder is felt in the jazzy/funk of "Lost Child." He captures the soundtrack to this summer perfectly with the upbeat acoustic strumming of "Lightly" and with the album's lead single "Vaporize" as Lee brings in a pop beat to co-inside with his R&B-style lyrics. In between, Amos Lee still wears his heart on his sleeve as he pours his emotions into the gentle acoustics of "Wait Up For Me." The album finishes with the smooth falsetto sounds of "Walls" and and soft folk acoustics of "With You." Amos Lee will be hitting the road in September for a three-month long tour. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about his new album "Spirit," please visit

Sunday, August 7, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Heavy Metal Music Comes Alive With New "Live At Wacken 2015" Release

One of the premier heavy metal festivals on the planet takes place at Wacken Germany. The Wacken Open Air Festival has been going on for over 26 years and every year seems to get bigger and better and heavier. Past attendees at the festival featured Motorhead, Slayer, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Deep Purple and Scorpions just to name some of the hundreds of bands that have visited this sacred ground over the years. Since 2006, their has been a live DVD and/or CD set highlighting the performances from that year and on August 5th, "Live At Wacken 2015" will be released in a 2DVD/2CD set and a 2Blu-ray/2CD set through UDR.

The video features over 50 performances filmed from throughout the day from many of the bands highlighting the festival. It begins with the headliner, Judas Priest pulling off their heaviest song "Painkiller" amongst a sold out audience that looks like is stretches for miles into the darkness. The video jumps around between performances from during the day and ones also at night. The filming gives you a sense of what if may have been like to attend the festival with close-up, on-stage shots of the band performing along with showcasing the audience's energy.

Many bands, not known outside the heavy metal community, get their chance in the spotlight as the video gives you just a taste at what their set may have been like. Bands like Running Wild, Death Angel, Danko Jones, Cannibal Corpse and Cradle Of Filth highlight the festival with their intense sets of hardcore metal, while classic metal performers like Uli Jon Roth and Europe remind younger audiences that they are still a force in heavy metal music. The set also allows rising metal bands to make a name for themselves, including sets by Beyond The Black, Anniliator, Sabaton and Skindred. The festival features so many great bands each year that it's tough to pick the best to highlight the festival in this great must have heavy metal set.

The 2 CDs take 35 of the 53 performances featured on DVDs to have an audio companion for the videos in the set. For a complete track list of what is featured on the "Live At Wacken 2015" release, please visit

Saturday, August 6, 2016

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Deliver The "American Dream" From The Heaters

Back in the early eighties, New Wave music was making it way to mainstream radio with acts like Blondie and Talking Heads blowing up with hit singles. Record labels were searching for the next new act to be discovered and one band that was making waves on the west coast was The Heaters. In the late-seventies they opened for bands like Van Halen and Cheap Trick and were ready to become the next big act in the U.S., but their studio albums became commercial failures.

Having never given the credit their music deserved, Omnivore Recordings will be releasing a new compilation from The Heaters titled, "American Dream: the Portastudio Recordings." It's an undiscovered gem from 1983 that showcases the pinnacle of The Heaters in the studio. The new ten track release features all previously unreleased material, beginning with "American Dream." Their music reminds us of that magical period when doo-wop, girl-groups dominated the radio airwaves in the fifties and sixties. The Heaters combine a steady rock rhythm with wonderfully harmonizing vocals in "10,000 Roses" and with "Every Living Day," they make you forget what era the Heaters were from. It's amazing to think that these recordings have never seen the light of day until now, as songs like "Just Around The Corner" and "I Want To Love Again" have a timeless quality that expands over generations. They close the album with the rockabilly feel of "Rock This Place" and the classic sixties swing of "I'll Meet You There." To find out more about The Heaters and their latest release "American Dream: The Portastudio Recordings," please visit