Thursday, August 18, 2016

CD Review: Brian Posehn Brings Out His Comic Insanity, While Henry Phillips Is "Neither Here Nor There"

The multi-talented Brian Posehn is an actor, musician, writer and comedian. He will be releasing his latest album titled "Criminally Posehn" on September 23rd and he is performing live for three shows (August 18, 19, 20) this weekend at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. He will also be making an appearance at TerrifiCon, which will also be at Mohegan Sun this weekend (August 19, 20, 21).

His new live, stand-up album features ten tracks, plus a heavy metal intro and outro. His comedy is raunchy, straight-forward, but not for the faint of heart. He covers everything from being kicked out of strip clubs to smoking pot again to hating "Man Boobs" and more. At just under an hour, you can't help but want more after blurting out laughs at some of the most insane stories. His new album will be released on Audible Channels on August 19th, a month earlier than the general release and it includes the bonus exclusive "Best Dinner Ever." Posehn closes his show with his opinion of past "Serial Killers" and about his 5 year old son being nude all the time. To find out more about Brian Posehn and his latest release "Criminally Posehn," please visit

Also new on the comedy front is the latest album from Henry Phillips, who has recently written, directed and starred in, along with Sarah Silverman, the movie "Punching The Clown." His new album will be released on August 19th and there will be a video release of that comedy special available on Vimeo on August 15th. Henry begins his set describing how hard it is to meet new people, especially girls and how they say things to him that come out incorrectly. He gets into the music portion of his show with "Guitar Pill," which sounds like he made it up on the spot about being a great guitar player. He tells us his opinion on the "End Of The World" and works in a James Taylor moment. He sings about his "Favorite Jew" with Mark Cohen and brings up Andrey Tess to the stage to sing the story of "Duet." Henry's new fifteen song release closes with "I'm In Minneapolis (You're In Hollywood)," a song about how careers can take different turns. To find out more about Henry Phillips and his latest release "Neither Here Nor There," please visit

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