Saturday, August 20, 2016

CD Review: Discover The Earliest Recordings Of The Beach Boys With This New Release

The Beach Boys captured the hearts of teenagers with their first album "Surfin' Safari" back in 1962. The combination of their perfect harmonies and bright, fun lyrics made life seem better along the California coast and for over 50 years, fans have analyzed their music. Now for the first time, fans can go back to the beginning with the newly assembled compilation "Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions." It will be released on August 26 through Omnivore Recordings and it features the progression from demo to master of nine of the earliest recordings from The Beach Boys.

This new 62-song compilation features 40 never-released versions of some of The Beach Boys most well-known hits, including "Surfin'," "Surfin' Safari" and "Surfer Girl."  The casual listener may get bored hearing the same song performed 8 or 9 times, but die-hard fans will be able to analyze each take of the rare gems like "Lavender" and "Judy." It's amazing to hear how complete the songs are after only one take.

Many of these takes have not been heard for 55 years since they were for recorded in the studio and produced by Hite Morgan. The songs "Barbie" and "What Is A Young Girl Made Of" are credited to Kenny And The Cadets, which included Val Poliuto and Audree Wilson along with Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Al Jardine. While you made know this songs and have heard them your entire life, listening to the development of these tracks gives you a different input into the creative process behind the early days of one of the biggest bands in the world, The Beach Boys. To find out more about this newly released compilation from Omnivore Recordings, please visit

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