Monday, August 15, 2016

CD Review: New Children's Music Arriving From The Laurie Berkner Band, Sara Lovell And Andrew & Polly

Famed children's artist, The Laurie Berkner Band will be releasing their first album of new materiel in over eight years. The new release titled "Superhero" features 21-tracks that showcase how timeless Laurie Berkner's music is. Beginning with the title-song "Superhero," Berkner keeps the beat simple and exciting, as kids will quickly attach themselves to these new songs. Her fun, storied lyrics are unforgettable as in "Tallulah Jones" and Ziggy Marley pops in to lend a hand to the reggae rhythm of "My My Marisol." The Laurie Berkner Band help deliver a classical feel to "Tea Party" and Berkner always takes advantage of teaching kids through music, as with "Face To Face."  The band keeps the energy high with the change-up of tempos in "Juniper Square" and Berkner's daughter Lucy Mueller lends her vocals to the storied fun of "Elephant In There." The album closes with the positive message of "Yes!" as the island rhythm will make you move your feet. The new album "Superhero" will be available on September 23rd through Two Tomatoes Records. To find out more about The Laurie Berkner Band, please visit
Children's music artist Sara Lovell will be releasing her fourth studio album titled "You've Got Me" on September 16th. Her new 18-song release follows the day in the life of child, beginning with the wonderful harmonies of "We Get Up In The Morning." The lack of patience in children is displayed in the fun lyrics of "I Can't Wait," and "Run Fast Little Rabbit" is a folk gem with Sara's soft, warming vocals. She teaches with her lyrics for "Everybody Has A Body" as the music's island vibe keeps the mood light, while also showing she can convey a fun-time scariness with the jazzy tones of "Tell Me Who's The Monster." As the album winds down, Sara Lovell bring out the fun of "Pajama Party" and "Off To Bed We Go," before closing with the bedtime prayer of "Night Night Golden Sun." To find out more about Sara Lovell and her latest release "You've Got Me," please visit
The podcast duo of Andrew and Polly are ready to release a brand new children's album titled "Ear Snacks: Songs From The Podcast." It features a selection of music taken from their podcasts from their first season. The new sixteen-track release begins with the up-beat tempo of "Dancing Pants." The duo have fun with "Grapes" and perform "Tiny Dino" with thoughts of a cartoon theme song done as a premier folk-rock band. They send out reminders to parents to "don't forget to open up your mail" in the song "Mail!" and pay homage to hats with "Everybody Hat Hat." Their new release finishes with the sing-along chorus of "Expo Line" and pop beats of "Why Is Fruit Fruit?" To find out more about Andrew and Polly and their new release "Ear Snacks: Songs From The Podcast," please visit

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