Friday, August 26, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From X-Method, Iron Fire And Xaon

First up from the Bay Area comes the debut full-length album titled "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music" from the hardcore metal thrash band X-Method. Their new sixteen-song release has a mature heavy-metal sound displayed in their opener "Denied What's Ours" and then elevates your senses with "Drink From The Horn" as the rhythm will get your blood pumping. X-Method show their softer side with the acoustic-based "Waiting 4 The Rain" and the power ballad "Addicted." They pick the energy back up with the double-kick drum thrash attack of "Triangles And Sixes" and lock into the hardcore west coast metal groove of "Southern Comfort." Their new album finishes with the screams of "Silver On My Back" and the Spanish-language metal track "No Tey Vayas." To find out more about X-Method and their latest release "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music," please visit

Next up is the new release from the power metal band from Denmark named Iron Fire. Their latest album titled "Among The Dead," is a throwback to the heavy metal sound of the 1990's. Beginning with the title-song "Among The Dead," Iron Fist are your battle cry against the living dead during a zombie-apocalypse. The music will get your head banging as they pick up the pace with the machine gun-like drumming and electrifying guitar solo of "Tornado Of Sickness." The cries of the "Iron Eagle" and the story of "The Last Survivor" along with melodic hooks and thunderous rhythms showcase the best of what Iron Fire have to offer. To find out more about Iron Fire and their latest release "Among The Dead," please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut release from Swiss death metal band Xaon titled "Face Of Balaam." The album features only five tracks and will be released in October. Beginning with "How We Become Ephemeral Birds," their melodies and aggressive pace are a fresh breath air amongst the newness in the death metal genre. They explode with the thunderous delivery of "Discrowned" and keep the energy flowing with the screams of "The Soulcleaner," before closing with the progressive metal appeal of "Veins Like Burned Trees." To find out more about Xaon and their latest release "Face Of Balaam," please visit

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