Monday, August 22, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Blues Singer/Songwriters Brutha White And Russell Morris

The well-traveled bluesman, Brutha White trecently released his latest album titled "Solitaire Man Blues." He's performed alongside such esteemed hip-hop acts as Wu-Tang Clan and Digital Underground. Brutha White combines the truth of the blues with the spirited rhythm of rap to create an exciting new clash of the two genres. Beginning with the rockabilly flavor of "Chasing Jane," Brutha begins to warm up, leading you into the big beats of "PO Folks." He slows the tempo down for the classic blues feel of "My House" and then gets funky with the groove of "My Ole Lady." His soulful vocals become the main focus of "Song To Myself," before closing his new album with the jazzy acoustics of "Simplify That" and the slide-guitar of "On My Own." To find out more about Brutha White and his latest release "Solitaire Man Blues," please visit

From Australia comes the latest album titled "Sharkmouth" from blues singer/songwriter Russell Morris. His latest ten-song release was inspired by the Australian depression era con-man Thomas "Shark Jaws" Archer, as Morris draws upon his influences to create some outstanding roots blues music. Beginning with "Black Dog Blues," the acoustic guitar locks into a groove as Morris' vocals climb the musical ladder, peeling off blues licks at every opportunity. He draws in a gospel tone for "The Big House" and brings in a little funk for "Bout To Break." He pick the tempo up with the rockabilly swing of "Walk My Blues," before slowing back down for the groveling vocals of "The Drifter." The album finishes with the Americana/roots feel of "The Bridge" and the nostalgic blues feel of "Money Don't Grow On Trees." To find out more about Russell Morris and his latest release "Sharkmouth," please visit

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