Thursday, August 11, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Hood Smoke, Don Gallardo, Katie Burden And Babygirl

From Chicago comes the latest release from Hood Smoke titled "Rough Around The Hedges." It features ten tracks that infuses soul into a classic seventies rock sound, beginning with the smooth funk grooves of "Time To Move On." Singer Sarah Marie Young lays down some warm, sultry vocals for the laid-back tones of "Jade Lights" and "Stained Glass Saint," before the band picks up the rhythm for the classic rock appeal of "Loaded Situation." The album finishes with the soft rock delivery of "Hiding" and the deep R&B groove of "Tell That Some." To find out more about Hood Smoke and their latest release "Rough Around The Hedges," please visit

From Nashville, TN comes the latest release titled "Hickory" from singer/songwriter Don Gallardo. The album was released back in July through Don's own label, Southern Carousel Records. It features thirteen-tracks, beginning with the gentle country/folk sway of "Down In The Valley." The steady flow of "Diamond & Gold" and the Americana sound of "Carousel" has Don's sound nestled directly into the flow of roots music. The steady rhythm of the "Banks Of The Mississippi" showcases Don's talent for portraying great emotions with his storied words. The tempo picks up for the steady country flow of "The North Dakota Blues" and a dance of the two-step is in order for the country strumming of "Angel On The Dance Floor." The album finishes with the jazzy swing of "Will We Ever Get It Right" and the southern blues of "Pearls." Don Gallardo has about half a dozen shows lined-up for the next few months. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about his latest release "Hickory," please visit

Arriving September 16th is the full-length debut album from Katie Burden titled "Strange Moon." After beginning her career as a back-up singer, it did not take long before she released her first EP titled "My Blind Eye." Her new ten-song release begins with the atmospheric build-up of "Don't Ask" as the alt-pop rhythm and new wave vocals come together perfectly to draw you in for the grunge-like pop of "Run For Your Life." She draws up similarities of Florence & The Machine with "I Can See It Clear," then takes you on a sonic journey with the emotions of "Cut The Wire." Her band sets the stage for the dark, moody tones of the titled song "Strange Moon," before closing with the bluesy feel of "Too Good For Love" and the stark, haunting uplifting tones of "Coffee." To find out more about Katie Burden and her latest release "Strange Moon," please visit  

The duo of Kristen Clark and Cameron Breithaupt are known as Babygirl and recently release their new four-song EP titled "As You Wish." It begins with the raw alternative pop/rock appeal of "It's Getting Late," before settling into their single "Overboard," which has very nineties, New Wave sound. The short new release closes with Kristen's soft vocals easing your worries with "Unwant You." To find out more about Babygirl and their latest release "As You Wish," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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