Tuesday, August 9, 2016

CD Review: New Music From The Jonathan Fox Band, Loser's Way Home And We Banjo 3

Austin, TX native Jonathan Fox recently released his sophomore album "Loverlust" back in July with the Jonathan Fox Band. It features a dozen tracks mixing together country, rock, roots music with hook-filled arrangements and storytelling lyrics. Beginning with "Something New," he gets things going with this alternative country rocker. Then he showcases his guitar skills on the electrifying "Why Don't You Feel The Same?" and returns to the country acoustics of "Jumping Off Cliffs." One of the band's latest singles, "Play It Cool" draws similarities to Ryan Adams & The Cardinals as the Jonathan Fox Band are tight in their country-rock delivery. The band's other current single "Family & Friends (Hurt & Make Up)" leads the way to the second half of of the album which carries an acoustic vibe, as heard in the forthcoming folk-style of "Inside Out" and "Stay." The album closes with the peaceful delivery of "Around The Corner" as Jonathan displays his amazing songwriting talents. To find out more from the Jonathan Fox Band and their latest release "Loverlust," please visit jonathanfoxband.com.

Also just arriving is the latest from Americana band Loser's Way Home with their new release "Love Songs For The Rest Of Us." It was released back in July and features five tracks of nostalgic, feel good roots music, beginning with the steady flow of "In The Shadows Of Love." The wonderful harmonizing of "Love You Found Me," draws similarities to The Avett Brothers as Loser's Way Home creep their way into your heart. The short new EP closes with the band's latest single, "Point Of No Return," which has that perfect balance between what's mainstream for Americana music and their own folk-style. To find out more about Loser's Way Home and their latest release "Love Songs For The Rest Of Us," please visit loserswayhome.com.

From Ireland comes the latest release, "String Theory" from the Americana/Bluegrass band We Banjo 3. This four-piece band is made up of two set of brothers and their music makes you feel like your part of the family. The new twelve-song release begins with "This Is Home" as We Banjo 3 showcase their exceptional songwriting, inviting you into their musical world. They put the meaning behind their name with the banjo-lead instrumental "Good Time Old Time" and pick the tempo up with the infectious, knee-slapping "Happiness." Grammy award winner Alison Brown lends her wonderful vocal talents on the sweet sounds of "Ain't Nobody Else," before igniting the blazing instrumental "Kentucky Grind." The album closes with the quiet, gentle tones of "Crann Na Beatha (Tree Of Life)" and the build-up of "Chair Snappers' Delight" as We Banjo 3 leave you with that warm, good-hearted feeling of what they do best. To find out more about We Banjo 3 and their latest release "String Theory," please visit webanjo3.com.

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