Sunday, August 7, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Heavy Metal Music Comes Alive With New "Live At Wacken 2015" Release

One of the premier heavy metal festivals on the planet takes place at Wacken Germany. The Wacken Open Air Festival has been going on for over 26 years and every year seems to get bigger and better and heavier. Past attendees at the festival featured Motorhead, Slayer, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Deep Purple and Scorpions just to name some of the hundreds of bands that have visited this sacred ground over the years. Since 2006, their has been a live DVD and/or CD set highlighting the performances from that year and on August 5th, "Live At Wacken 2015" will be released in a 2DVD/2CD set and a 2Blu-ray/2CD set through UDR.

The video features over 50 performances filmed from throughout the day from many of the bands highlighting the festival. It begins with the headliner, Judas Priest pulling off their heaviest song "Painkiller" amongst a sold out audience that looks like is stretches for miles into the darkness. The video jumps around between performances from during the day and ones also at night. The filming gives you a sense of what if may have been like to attend the festival with close-up, on-stage shots of the band performing along with showcasing the audience's energy.

Many bands, not known outside the heavy metal community, get their chance in the spotlight as the video gives you just a taste at what their set may have been like. Bands like Running Wild, Death Angel, Danko Jones, Cannibal Corpse and Cradle Of Filth highlight the festival with their intense sets of hardcore metal, while classic metal performers like Uli Jon Roth and Europe remind younger audiences that they are still a force in heavy metal music. The set also allows rising metal bands to make a name for themselves, including sets by Beyond The Black, Anniliator, Sabaton and Skindred. The festival features so many great bands each year that it's tough to pick the best to highlight the festival in this great must have heavy metal set.

The 2 CDs take 35 of the 53 performances featured on DVDs to have an audio companion for the videos in the set. For a complete track list of what is featured on the "Live At Wacken 2015" release, please visit

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