Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CD Review: Marcus Corbett Develops "Every Little Spirit" & Dwiki Dharmanwan Doubles Up "Pasar Klewer"

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Marcus Corbett will be releasing his latest album "Every Little Spirit" in October. He uses his worldwide experiences to give his songs that worldly charm, beginning with the classical Indian charisma of "Strange Deep." The new eight song release features classical English and Indian musicians that give authenticity to the song's spiritual style. The gentle tones of "No Time" allow you to appreciate all of the instrumentation that goes into each song. Marcus showcases his talents for songwriting with the twenty-plus minute, peaceful tones of "Loving Kind (Extended) Pt. I & II." The musical adventure of "Sitting On A Cloud" is appealing as you mind follows the melody takes you along a musical landscape. To find out more about Marcus Corbett and his latest release "Every Little Spirit," please visit marcuscorbett.com. 

Indonesian keyboard virtuoso Dwiki Dharmawan recently released his latest double album titled "Pasar Klewer." This exciting set allows Dwiki to expand his sound since his Moonjune Records debut last year. Beginning with the twelve-minute titled song, "Pasar Klewer," Dwiki and guitarist Mark Wingfield trade licks early as the tone of the song switches between progressive rock and jazz. Clarinetist Gilad Atzmon leads the way on "Spirit Of Peace" before the swift keyboards of Dwiki quicken the pace. Vocalist Boris Savoldelli lends his voice to the flowing soundscape of "Forest" and to the experimental jazz piece of "London In June." 

The second disc begins with Peni Candra Rini lending her vocal talents to the operatic jazz fusion of "Lir Ilir," before Dwiki Dharmawan's beautiful piano work on the enlightening delivery of "Bubuy Bulan." The ninety-plus minute set closes with Gilad Atzmon returning with his soprano sax on the classic jazz feel of "Frog Dance" and the eight-minute return of "Forest," which features more guitar work or Mark Wingfield. To find out more about Dwiki Dharmawan and his latest release "Pasar Klewer," please visit moonjune.com.

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