Thursday, September 8, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Angus Crowne, The Ormewoods, Todd Apfel & The KC Sisters

First up is the self-titled debut album from Angus Crowne and the Family Jewels. It features ten songs, mashing genres like folk and punk as the album rides like a roller coaster, beginning with the ukulele-based "Cold Soup." Following that is the gentle acoustics of "Heart And Soul," before diving into the raw, punk-like feel of "Kitty" and the pure energy blast of "Lullaby Blues." He reverts back to the acoustic rock of "Paycheck," before finishing with uke-lead folk appeal of "Smitty's Calling." To find out more about Angus Crowne and the Family Jewels, please visit their Facebook page at
Next up is the country/folk duo of Claire Pearson and Don McCollister, known by the name The Ormewoods. They recently released their debut album "The Bedroom Sessions" and have been called "the happy Civil Wars." The new ten-song release begins with the Americana/bluegrass clash of "Sidelines" as Claire and Don trade vocals across the song's stomp rhythm. They head in to a country direction for the up-tempo beat of "I Do" and wear their emotions on their sleeve during the ballad "Back To You." They trade vocals and harmonize wonderfully of the dark tones of "Tonight" and on the storied lyrics of "Sleep Like Strangers." The album finishes with their award nominated, vocally strong ballad "Year of Mercy" and the heart-felt duet "Love 101." To find out more about The Ormewoods and their latest release "The Bedroom Sessions," please visit
Next we have the latest album from Americana artist Todd Apfel titled "One Horse Town." He released his debut album "Reflections" earlier this year and has followed that release up with a new 4-song EP. Beginning with the title-song "One Horse Town," he adds a grunge rock backdrop to give his latest release more impact. He quickly reverts back to his songwriting style in the storied lyrics of the acoustic-based "Not The Only One," before finishing the new short release with the piano-based power ballad "Shadows In Your Mind." To find out more about Todd Apfel and his latest release, "One Horse Town," please visit his Facebook page at 
Finally we arrive at the Connecticut-based family band, The KC Sisters and some of their latest releases include an independently released holiday album, along with a new EP of songs. They recently performed at the New Haven, CT Arts and Ideas festival and at the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Their latest single "Touch The Sky" builds with each of of their voices performing solo, but when they come together is when you hear the strength in their harmonies. Their voices mesh perfectly in "Daddy Came Home" as the song carries a country/folk vibe, while the energy of "How The Irish Won The West" showcases the girls' talents on the fiddle also. They will be performing at the Ledyard County Fair on September 10th. To find out more about the KC Sisiters, please visit

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